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Books the Spy June 14, 2007

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It’s no wonder that I enjoy reading other people’s blogs as much as I do…the book Harriet the Spy was a great favorite of mine growing up.  A read over and over, wear the cover off of it book. 

Like Harriet, I am fascinated by the mundane details of other people’s lives.  People who live in different cities on different coasts, have different politics, hobbies, values and families than I do.  In the blogs of good writers, who can paint a rich picture of their every day, no matter how different most of my life is, I usually find something to connect with. 

What do I have in common with a stay at home mom of four boys living up in Michigan?  Not much, but apparently a fetish for frilly vintage aprons.  I will probably never start a collection of my own, I’m just not a collector in general, but I love to see hers.  With an adamantly DINK (as I am desperately trying to unDINK myself), politically conscious woman in Philly?  A fetish for cheese, chocolate and other culinary delights.  While she is far more dedicated and adventurous than I will ever be, I love to read about her culinary endeavors. And the list goes on.

I have serious peeping tom potential.  When I walk the dog at night, I delight when neighbors have full rooms lit up and I can catch a glimpse into their houses.  I’m not trying to spot them doing anything unseemly, I’m just curious to see their stuff, observe their décor, etc.  And with blogs, people leave the blinds up with every light in the room glaring.  They’re giving you full permission to stand on the sidewalk in front of their houses and peer in the windows.   I can’t not look.


2 Responses to “Books the Spy”

  1. anon Says:

    We are so sisters. I also share Harriets affinity for tomato samwiches.

  2. books Says:

    I forgot about the tomato sandwiches! That grossed me out back then because I hated tomatoes, but I love them now. Now I have to go back and read the book again.

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