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Damn it! June 15, 2007

Filed under: Daily Grind — booksunread @ 2:37 pm

The defective (secret squirrel) toaster at work shot my toast straight onto the floor this morning. And there was a witness, so even if I HAD considered invoking the 3 second rule, which I totally wouldn’t have (wink, wink), I couldn’t. Into the bin it went. Now it’s 10 and I’m ready to eat my lunch.

9 times out of 10 the toaster is fine, the one day I turn my back…toaster is evil. And I can’t even complain to management for a replacement toaster as it is a secret, contraband, don’t ask, don’t tell toaster. Apparently in our new office digs, we’re not allowed to “cook.” Although we have a microwave, we were denied a can opener on the no cooking grounds. I work in an office ruled by a joyless 50 year old virgin JoHo. She never eats breakfast or lunch here, so the rest of us can suck it.


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