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Ticking off the Trainer June 26, 2007

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So back in the early spring when I was being good and actually going to the gym, I wasn’t happy with the class offered on Thursdays and decided to give personal training a go during that slot.  I purchased a package of 3 sessions in the beginning of May. 

We got off to a bad start almost immediately. I turned in my questionnaire and without bothering to look at anything other than the times, the guy in charge asked literally the first trainer he saw (the one I turned the form into) if she could do it.  No thought about what my goals and needs were and if it would be a good match; why do they make you fill out the stupid form if they don’t care? 

So I went to my first session and it was kind of meh.  The girl is kind of young; I have no idea what her credentials and training are.  In our little getting to know you, she basically insinuated that classes were not enough (I was going M,T,W, Sat &/or Sun; a combo of cardio, conditioning and strength training) that I was going to have to go upstairs and use the equipment up there and should get the orientation to the weight machines, etc.  Then she took me upstairs and put me through a circuit of weight machines…and then put me on the elliptical trainer the last 10 minutes. I was barely sweating when I left. Um, I could have done that myself, for free, thanks. 

I was really hoping for more like an individual boot camp with intense cardio drills and weight intervals.  And I thought about just sucking it up and going through the rest of the sessions the same, but then I thought, hell’s no. I’m paying $40 bucks an hour, on top of the $80/month I’m spending on membership, I’m getting what I want. So I called her and told her that and the second session was much better.  She was still a little meek and shy, but she put me through my paces for sure.   

And then I got really busy, with company in town, or traveling for work and pleasure and also my total fall off the gym wagon since Memorial Day, and we’ve never had the last session.  We were supposed to last week, but then I had the allergic confunctivitis, and pushed to this week. Now I’m going to Cleveland Wednesday and Thursday for work. Next week is the day after the 4th-my P’s will be here.   Now we are well into July.

I can tell she is getting pissed off that I keep putting it off and that I won’t do any other day but Thursday (why should I pay to work out another day when there is a perfectly good class to go to that day?). Even though I paid the gym up front and the sessions are good for a year, I don’t think she gets paid until we have the session.  Well tough tooties.  I have to get cracking though, because I’m doing a trial membership at a new gym in July and if I like it, then I’m going to drop current gym. I think you lose any sessions you have if that happens. I was also kind of holding onto current gym b/c they have prenatal classes, but who knows when if I’ll need those, so probably time to just move on… 


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