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Freaking June 29, 2007

Filed under: Daily Grind — booksunread @ 4:50 pm

Ack! I’m back! It was a lot of driving and I’m wrecked. But I got to see real live eyeball surgery! And I didn’t throw up! But I’ve got a million pictures to go through now, in addition to a million other work projects piling up and an interview to give this afternoon! And then, this weekend, I’ve got to do some more work! And pay bills! And get ready for company! And like clean up the yard, and bake stuff and go to the gym since I’ve been eating fast food in the car for two days! And Sunday we have a party to go to all day! And I do not have time for it!

BUT! I got my new one cup coffee maker today at lunch! And there will be much joy and rejoicing when I get home and set it up!

Okay, back to work freaking!

 Full update on my Grey’s Anatomy adventure next week.


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