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Monday Monday July 9, 2007

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Still busy at work, with another trip to New Hampshire looming to do some video production Weds-Fri this week, so need to scramble and get desk work done before I go. 

Weekend was good; Saturday was busy and Sunday was utterly lazy and enjoyable.  Saturday morning I checked out the new gym with a Total Conditioning class; it was supposed to be Cardio Kickbox but they had the schedules all abbreviated for the grand opening.  The instructor was crazy! Like a Saturday Night Live caricature of an aerobics instructor on speed.  I seriously don’t think she took a breath the whole class…and it was a hard class.  We did a push up series that lasted a good 10 minutes straight.  And then did the same pretty much with biceps and shoulders. I was like, bitch, you wore out my arms in the first 10 minutes, now I can’t raise them over my head.  They are still stiff and sore this morning. 

I’m not sure I’m going to like this new gym. It is absolutely beautiful, I will give them that.  But some of the practical stuff is like, huh?  There are no overhead fans in the aerobics rooms, the water fountains don’t have bottle filling spigots (prolly so you have to buy a protein drink in the fitness café) , and in the locker room there is a gleaming row of a dozen sinks, with only one paper towel holder on each end-by the time you get to it, your hands would air dry.  Just not really well thought out in terms of user functionality.  Additionally, I think that the atmosphere is just a little too gung ho for me.  What with the nonstop bullshit babble throughout workout, the encouragement to wear a personal heart rate monitor to stay in the exact right zone, it’s all a little over zealous for me.  I’m lucky I dragged my ass out of bed, and am just trying to get to the end without barfing.  I tend to be turned off by zealotry over anything.

Then I had to go to grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner club.  My contribution to the cheese theme was saganaki again (for those who missed the cheese on fire last month at Greek night) and mini chocolate raspberry cheesecakes.  I also removed all the gross, moldy caulk from my shower stall and scrubbed out everything with bleach.  Why does it get so gross? It’s not like I don’t clean; isn’t the point of the caulk so water DOESN’T get behind it to mold out? 

Then it was off to dinner club where we had:

  • Grilled bruschetta with goat cheese and Monterey Jack cheeses
  • Veggies and cheese dip
  • Reuben dip (cream cheese based dip topped with swiss)
  • Fruit with fruit dip (cream cheese again)
  • Alton Brown’s mac n cheese casserole
  • Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches; including one with sharp cheddar and granny smiths and another with goat cheese and plum tomatoes
  • Salad with balsamic, craisins, pine nuts and goat cheese

Topped off with: a chocolate fountain.  Did not fit the cheese theme, but sooo good.

Sunday I slept in until 9ish, lounged in bed with Miguel, watched a couple movies and dozed on the couch, and ran to Lowe’s for caulk, but did not install.  Just very very lazy.  The most productive thing I did was prep some cucumber, strawberries and hard boiled eggs for lunches this week (getting back on the healthy eating kick after month and a half long post vacation binge).

Still have to cover my eyeball surgery story from last week; but I must get to work processing pictures from said photo shoot!  Maybe tomorrow (which now I feel pressure to make it the best story ever, what with all the build up….)


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