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Straight Answers Optional July 9, 2007

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What the hell people? When we saw the urologist, he was pretty clear that our counts were bad, but not awful for artificial insemination.  Miguel went for second follow up test Saturday (third total) and the nurse told him results of the last test were better than the first (7 something to the billion instead of 4) and was all oh yeah, we do inseminations like this all the time, etc.

So I called the repro specialist to get the ball rolling while we’re waiting on last test and he was all still like, well IVF would still be the treatment course indicated for that type of count, artificial insemination would still have a very low success rate, and then he was asking details about the results I don’t have b/c I haven’t gotten them officially from urologist.  So he’s supposed to call the urologist and get the full set of numbers before calling me back. 

IVF is not an option for us. We’ve discussed it, and we’re just not willing to bring a child into this world with empty bank accounts (b/c we’ve drained them having a baby), nor do we want to face the impossible decisions involved in IVF.  We want one child and one child only.  So if you get 3 good embryos, and you just spent 7 grand on them, how do you take the risk of only implanting one that might fail?  How do you implant 3, have all of them take, and then either have triplets or decide to selectively reduce them?  We just don’t want to put ourselves into the position to have to make or live with those kinds of decisions. 

So now it’s sitting here trying to concentrate on work while waiting for repro specialist to call back. 


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