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Hopes. Not. Up. At All. July 19, 2007

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The test results are in and the conclusion is, well, Miguel just doesn’t make very much sperm.  The urologist was a complete dick and I feel like we’ve just wasted a month on this and didn’t learn anything.  I got all three test results last Wednesday, but then I was traveling in New Hampshire, the land of no cell phone reception (seriously, if I lived there, I wouldn’t even bother owning a cell phone, coverage is so shitty).  So I called the doc’s office Monday and left a message that I wanted to speak with him and get his analysis of the results.  His nurse called me on Tuesday saying he’d wrote her a note back to call me and give me the results.  Um, duh, I already have the results, I want to TALK to someone about what they MEAN. Jaysus.

So he finally called me Wednesday and was all shifty-like, “Oh, so you want to do that instead of coming into the office?” and I told him Miguel was busy, didn’t have time off work, and if he didn’t physically need to examine Miguel or anything then why would we have to come in?  He beat around the bush some more until it became clear…Answer: so the doctor can bill me and get paid, for explaining my test results.  AFTER we sat for a fucking hour in his office waiting for him last time. He should fucking pay me.

I asked if he couldn’t just bill me for an office consult and he said that he couldn’t b/c the insurance companies have a problem with that. I explained that this was considered fertility, not covered by insurance, so we were private pay, now can I get my fucking results?

So basically he blah blah’d that results are still low, but not terrible, and just concluded that Miguel does not make a lot of swimmers, with no obvious cause.  It’s just a numbers game and we’d gotten pregnant before so just keep at it…obviously the more technology you use, the better your chances.  I got to ask a few questions re: whether or not he’d be able to detect a blockage or varicocele on his physical exam, whether or not the high number of abnormal forms contributed to my miscarriage last time, and if he agreed with repro specialist that chlomid for Miguel could help.  And then, he totally rushed me off the phone. He actually said “well, we’ve been at this about 10 minutes or so, so…”!  I can’t wait to see the bill and how much it works out to a minute.

Anyway, so even though repro specialist is still pessimistic, we are going to go ahead with a round of artificial insemination at the next opportunity.  Miguel will start taking chlomid to see if that has any effect on his counts, although it’s unlikely we’ll see a result for this round.  The doc counseled waiting until he’d been on it for a month to see if it had an effect first, but if it doesn’t, then we’re still going to try AI, and then we just lost a month waiting. No harm in trying this month, and then continuing with the chlomid if we need a next round.  Miguel also has to get blood drawn for routine screen for HIV, Hep and Syph (they tested mine when they did the tay sachs test I assume).  They require it…which seems a bit silly since if we were just going at it at home like normal people and making babies that way, nobody would be giving us a blood test first.  It’s no big deal, but every little step in this process feels like a road block.

Then, when I get my period, I go in and do a dye test to verify my tubes are open and get a baseline ultrasound. I start taking chlomid for 5 days, then I go back in for an ultrasound to verify that I’ve released some eggs.  If all goes well and there are plenty o eggs floating around, they give me a shot to trigger release of the eggs and then within 36 hours, we go back in and send Miguel’s sperms through a catheter into my uterus to make sweet love to my eggs.  This is the quick and dirty explanation I got from the doctor; I still need to research the internets for a fuller explanation. 

Having extra eggs hanging around gives Miguel’s little swimmers more of a chance of bumping into one to fertilize, and carries a small risk that he will bump into more than one.  However, given that with the amount of swimmers we’re talking about and their swimming ability, the chances of our success with just one baby are only 10-12% to begin with, so the odds of hitting the twin or triplet jackpot would be very minimal.

So…fingers crossed, trying not to be very zen and relaxed about this; we’ll see…But had to yell at myself to step away from the clearance rack at Target where cute maternity tops were on sale…because I totally already bought one this weekend on clearance at Meijer. I know, I know, counting the chickens before they hatch, etc., but it was really cute though; and perfect for work…sigh.  So much for not getting my hopes up.  Easier said than done. How do you trick your brain into really truly not stressing about it?


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