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Nothing to See Here… July 24, 2007

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Miguel and I both got our required blood tests out of the way last week (Yes, I had to go back AGAIN, because they didn’t order all the tests they needed the first time they had someone stick me with a needle).  So far no word that either of us has the Syph, so that’s good.  I am curious to see what all they ordered b/c they took NINE vials of blood.  I guess I made it pretty clear that I was unhappy about going back, so they made sure to order everything that they might possibly need this time.  Now it’s just waiting for my period to show and going through the steps in the insemination.  I probably won’t write about this again for a while-It’s bad enough that I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see if it takes, I don’t want the added pressure of everyone else (my whole two readers) waiting as well.

We had company over the weekend, so there was a last minute whirlwind of getting ready for that and then we were busy entertaining (drinking) all weekend.  Our guest room bathtub is apparently bizarrely narrow and sloped, causing it to be slippery.  I’ve tried various suction cup bath mats and also the little suction cup decals, but they don’t work as well as the old-school adhesive style butterflies and shells.  They still slide around. But I can’t find the adhesive ones anywhere to save my life. 

Anywho, this weekend, the guys were gone and the wife of our company was upstairs showering when I heard a mighty crash. Sigh. I am a mean person, because I find this person borderline repulsive; she’s overweight, lazy, klutzy, always suffering from some malady (probably from hauling around all that extra weight), and is a slob in general.  So of course, my 60 old mother with the hip problem can negotiate the shower, but Slobetta would be the one to fall down.  And as I went upstairs to knock on the door, all I could think to myself was “Please don’t make me have to haul naked Slobetta out of the tub, PLEASE.”  Luckily, she just suffered a bruise on her leg.  Seriously, I don’t know if she has some kind of coordination problem or what.  Either way, I ordered some hotel style tub treads online to avert any future tragedy.

Being so busy, I haven’t yet succumbed to Potter mania; I haven’t seen the latest movie or bought the book yet. I’m trying to remain unspoiled on the book. I like to reread all the prior books before diving in to the new one, and since I’m currently stuck on “You on a Diet” (BORING! Therefore, slow read) and cheating on it with Vera Wang/Target, it will be a while before I get around to that.

I never did give you all an update on the New Hampshire trip. Work-wise, it was borderline interesting, but there was a lot of standing around watching someone else film things and occasionally taking pictures.  While it is the sucky land of sucky cell phone reception, it was a gorgeous visit. The weather was perfect and we were able to go to mountains and the beach all in one day.  The trees and lush green moss and ferns growing by the roadside remind me of living in Massachusetts when I was little. Very different from the treeless flat surburban wasteland of the Midwest.  And even though, they have only a small stretch of coastline, Hampton Beach was great.  It had a nice big expanse of warm sand to sink your toes into as you approached the water, with decent sized waves breaking on the beach.  I just love that salt air smell. I wish I could bottle it.  Of course, the night we went to the beach, I forgot the camera like a big dummy.  I did manage some nice mountain pix tho.



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  1. […] laugh.  Miguel is always accusing me of not keeping my car neat enough, going so far as to call me Slobetta-which I do not even come close to her level of slob (can anyone say cat barf left on the carpet to […]

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