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Trashmobile July 27, 2007

Filed under: What is the world coming to? — booksunread @ 1:18 pm

So this post at Pesky made me laugh.  Miguel is always accusing me of not keeping my car neat enough, going so far as to call me Slobetta-which I do not even come close to her level of slob (can anyone say cat barf left on the carpet to moulder for DAYS?). 

Shortly after I saw Pesky’s post, I came across the car of Slobetta’s long lost cousin in a parking lot. I could not believe my eyes.  The guy getting out of it was your stereotypical middle manager in a short sleeved dress shirt with tie, not some sloppy teenager or something.   How do people live like this?

car 1

Close up:

car 2


car 3

I guess no one ever has to worry about having to get into his filth-mobile, because there is literally no room in there, except for the driver’s seat.  Thank god for the cell phone camera, because words just would not have done this justice.


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