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Workout Freakout July 31, 2007

Filed under: Battle of the Scale — booksunread @ 5:09 pm

I have to decide this week whether I’m going to stick with new gym or not. If I cancel now, I will get back the initiation fee and first month membership. 

I have gone back and forth on this so many times; I literally can’t make a decision.  Things new gym has going for it are that it is cheaper than current gym and much closer to home.  However, right now, the class schedule is not ideal, and that’s really all I’m going for.  M,W,F I can make their 4:30 classes and be home by 5:45ish which is nice, but Monday and Wednesday are yoga and strictly strength, so not the hard cardio workouts I need to burn fat.  I’ve taken the Friday 4:30 50/50 one once, and I wouldn’t say it really kicked my ass like some of the classes at old gym do.  The harder cardio classes don’t start those days until 5:45, meaning I wouldn’t get home until 7, which is late when you need to make dinner, love on the dog, take the dog for a walk, talk to your husband, pay some bills or do some work, check personal e-mail, and unwind with some TV or a book before going to bed at a decent hour (in order to get up at the crack o’ass the next day and do it all over again-wheee!).  Tuesday& Thursday, there are NO classes until 5:45.  I’ve been told the schedule is shifting in September, but they can’t tell me yet to what.

The other drawback of staying at this club is that it doesn’t have any prenatal classes.  If we are successful and I do get pregnant, I could freeze this membership tho, and pay by the class at old gym. I just wouldn’t have as much choice in number of classes (they have swim, yoga and step, and each is x a month, so I could afford maybe 2 classes instead of all 3, and wouldn’t have the ability to go on days there aren’t class and do other stuff—because I do that all the time now and I’m sure I totally will when pregnant…)

The final problem with new gym is that it is a more family oriented club with A LOT more kid activities, so it’s kind of a zoo.  It is extremely likely that as I’m rushing in and out, I get stuck behind a toddler lollygagging along with its head up its butt.  There have also been 11 and 12 year olds prancing around in the workout areas and in classes, which is distracting and annoying.  So right now it is annoying.  But again, I hope to someday soon have my very own wandering toddler, which would make this club a better fit then.

I don’t know, the old gym is familiar, so maybe I just don’t want to alter my routine. After 3+ years, I’m a regular and know the instructors and a handful of members so it’s a little friendlier.  I’m not very outgoing, so I feel awkward and uncomfortable in new situations, like classes where I don’t know anybody. I’m intimidated by the soccer mom cliques at the new gym (I’m assuming, as I imagine very few people who work are able to make a 4:30 class) so I just put on my bitchface (apparently) and stand in my corner until someone else makes the first overture.  I have social issues, but that’s another post!

I like the workout I get at the classes I got to, even though the schedule there is not perfect either.  Classes start as late as 5:15, so with commute I don’t get home until 6:45/7 some days and there are no Thursday or Friday classes (well there is a Thursday one, but I hate it with a burning passion).

At old gym, I have my spot, where I stand for every class, and woe to anyone who tries to steal it.  At new gym, I’m still floating around the room trying to find my spot and people there are no good at respecting your space.  It’s called staggering people. You do NOT plop your step right in front of mine!

Also, I know the whole cast of bizarre characters at my old gym…If I quit, I will miss shuffley old guys 1 and 2, middle age ass-slapping man, crazy asian stick lady with her sweat towel tied around her WAIST-because she can, hunchy cranky lady, no rhythm dude, uber trying too hard lady and more.  Of course, new gym I’m sure will have its share of characters as well. So far, we have the yoga farter and the no coordination or rhythm scarecrow.

Compounding my difficulty is that I haven’t felt very motivated to go to either gym very much this month, and have been busy with travel as well, so I didn’t kick the tires on new gym as much as I should have.  Gah! This shouldn’t be so hard. I just need to pick one!!!


2 Responses to “Workout Freakout”

  1. Salsera Says:

    dont discount strength and yoga classes. you dont always have to be balls out cardio to loose weight. muscle burns more than fat even when you are not doing anything so you may even get more benefit from strength than cardio- your metabolism will rise – worth a try as you seem to be knocking yourself out with cardio for not alot of return….

  2. booksunread Says:

    I haven’t. I’ve actually felt a bit sore after the last two yoga classes…I just want to have a good mix. I do want some cardio classes where I’ve really felt like I’ve done something. The main thing, which I haven’t been doing since May is to be consistent about doing something, anything (and watching what I’m eating of course).
    Anyway, I’ve decided to see if current gym will let me go inactive for a period of time. Then, I can still go back without having to pay intiation fee if I get pregnant and want prenatal classes (meanwhile, putting new club on medical inactive), or if I just decide after a few months I really hate new gym and can’t stand it. I will lose my $150 initiation fee if I go back to old gym, but switching for a few months, most of that will be made back in monthly fee price difference. So win win.

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