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Quiet Week August 3, 2007

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I haven’t had much to say this week as I’m caught up in the whole baby making thing. I’m writing my impressions as we go along, but keeping them in draft for now. So that’s really all that’s been on my mind this week.

This weekend, Miguel is flying home for a short visit to his parents,  and I’m holding down the fort here with the dog.  I will be busy doing laundry and trying get through the rest of Harry Potter so I can start the new one (I always read the series from the beginning prior to reading the latest installment).  We have company coming on Thursday-my brother, wife and kids.  This is the first kid visit and really the first one-on-one visit, w/out parental buffer, with my sister in law.  Who Salsera (my sister) and I call “The Mute”…that should give you an idea about how sparkling and entertaining her personality is. 

So I have to make up all the beds with fresh sheets and do the towels, too I think.  And because last guest was grossy Slobetta who takes the bed apart and wraps up in the various blankets, I’ll have to wash the comforter and everything.  And godniece is crawling so I have to see how well I can de-lint the hardwoods, although the rate dog is shedding, it will be a mess again by Thursday.  Godneice is going to look like a tumbleweed after 5 minutes down there.

It won’t all be housework and drudgery, though.  Saturday night I’m going to see Harry Potter 5, then out to dinner at the fabulous Mesh with my friend Holly.

Oh, I also have this awesome picture I took with my camera phone a few weeks ago on my way to work when we were having crazy storms.  It was the coolest looking sky I’ve ever seen. I’m very bummed that I didn’t have my good (work) camera with me.  Still, I’m surprised how well the cell phone worked…



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