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Scrambled Eggs August 6, 2007

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I had my second ultrasound Sunday morning and it was all very sort of disappointing.  I saw the other doctor in the practice and some “fellow.” (I just love sharing my girly parts with lots of new people!)  They did the ultrasound on one side I could see 3 or 4 little spots, representing the follicles/eggs.  On the other side, it only looked like one. 
When they got done, she said that the right ovary was ready to go, but the left one was still developing, but if we waited for that one, we risked losing the right one.  So we were going to trigger the right one and do the insemination on Wednesday.  Okay…I asked if we going to go over the whole thing and what happens next and how to do the shot, this is my first time…and they said oh, sure get dressed and the nurse will explain.

While I was waiting, the doctor came back and asked me another question and I asked her how many eggs I had, and she said just the one on the right side right now….?….? Just one?…? Ohhhkaay.

Then the nurse comes in, and gives me the lamest explanation of how to give myself a shot ever.  Apparently, it is just like on TV. You flick it to get the air bubbles out, then squeeze all the air out until the liquid beads on the tip.  Then just grab a piece of flab on your stomach and stick it straight in, squeeze the plunger and pull it straight out.  “It’s a really easy, the needle is really small, unless you have a problem giving yourself a shot. I know I couldn’t do it, ha ha ha.”  This from the nurse who has actual training in giving shots to people.  So no practical advice on how to overcome FREAKING OUT over sticking a needle into your own stomach.  And also, thanks for the further explanation of what the next steps are in the process, docs.

Then there was confusion about the fact that I don’t even have the Rx for the shot.  This getting shuffled b/t two offices SUCKS.  The first office brushes my questions off saying that they’ll tell me at the other office next appointment, and the second office gives me half ass information because they assume first office has walked me through everything all ready.  I feel like I can’t ask questions because when I do, I don’t really get a full answer and feel stupid for asking.  Hence, I left still wondering why the fuck I only have 1 egg when I’ve been walking around assuming that I’d have like 5 or 6 eggs to work with.  I was telling my S-I-L about everything yesterday and she was like, so what happens after the insemination? Do you just wait to see if you get your period or what? And I’m like “YES, that would be nice to know! How soon after can they tell? Do they do bloodwork and monitor my hormones sooner than I could with a home pee test? I DO NOT KNOW, because no one has sat down with me and explained the process from start to finish!”

I got my Rx and halfway home realized that they never gave me a time to give myself the shot.  Going on the 36 hr rule from my appointment on Wednesday, I can guess, but I’d like confirmation so as not to screw it up.  Of course, being Sunday, no one answers the phone and I get shuffled off to the service who was all “yes, but is this an emergency?” I was like it is to me, bitch. If I’m wrong and I’m supposed to take the shot today, tomorrow is too late for someone to call me back.

The intern called me back, and while I had him on the phone, I screwed up my courage to look stupid and ask, “I thought the point of the chlomid was so that I would make more eggs, so I’m confused as to why I only have one. Am I not responding to the chlomid?”   And he said that with IUI, the chlomid is just to make sure that I grow and mature one good egg; sometimes they see two, sometimes three, but the goal is really just one.  Hyperstimulation to make lots of eggs in only used for IVF.   So I’m responding exactly as I should to the chlomid. 

I’m sure he got off the phone with me and was like “Why the hell was she expecting multiple eggs?” And now I’m not sure…I guess I just assumed from the fact that there was a risk of multiples, and confused it with some of the stuff I’ve read about IVF and stimulation, coupled with a lack of sit down with the doc that clearly outlined everything from start to finish is where it came from.  Plus, it just made sense to me logically.  Sperm has trouble running to an egg? Put more eggs in its path to run into.

So, I’m kind of down about the odds of this working with only one egg.  I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to give myself the shot tonight; I’m seriously considering hitting up my neighbor, who used to be a nurse, but I’m not sure I want to tell her the whole shebang.  I just don’t need more people watching me like a hawk all “is she or isn’t she?”. (Which, hello, do I have an inflated sense of how much time others spend thinking about my reproductive abilities or what?)

The other thing that happened yesterday is that they went over the billing.  And, between the office bills and the drugs, we’ve wiped out the rest of my FLEX money for the year.  The way it breaks out:
Chlomid for Miguel (1 month), and me (5 days):  $150
Ovidrel shot to trigger ovulation: $75
Package of doc services-Ultrasounds, actual insemination, etc: $668
Sperm washing prior to Insemination (estimate): $150
Total this cycle: $1043


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