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Pig Pen August 14, 2007

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Nothing to see here, folks.  It’s been a quiet past several days.  My brother, the mute and the kids were here last week and visit went pretty well. Was probably just about the right time limit before we completely ran out of things to say to each other. 

My godniece (1) and nephew (3) were cute and fun.  There was very little whining and crying, something that is good for Miguel to see.  I think if we had an exceptionally fussy kid in the house right now, he’d freak right on out, considering what we’re trying to do.  If we end up with a fussy baby of our own, well it’s too late and he’ll have to learn how to deal with it. 

The mute and I managed a day on our own; it was easier because we took the kids to the kiddie museum and watched them run amok for 3 hours.  No need to talk when you can talk to/watch the kids. 

One thing that drove me up a wall was the mess factor with the kids-or more, the mute’s lack of reaction to it.  When we arrived at the museum, godniece had spit up and was wearing sour milk on her face and shirt.  I pointed this out to the mute and she said “oh, it’s fine” and plopped her in the stroller.  I’ve been having really bad reflux lately (well, not as bad as god niece’s I guess, at least I wasn’t wearing it!), and the smell was gag-worthy. I was thinking, can we get a wet wipe over here?  I should have sacked up and asked because for the next 2 hours until her shirt dried, I kept getting whiffs of the sour milk.

After the museum, it was off to McDonalds, where despite having just been in the equivalent of very large germ factory, touching toys, balls, and surfaces contaminated by thousands of other tiny little hands, many of which were likely recently up a nose, the kids were handed their chicken nuggets and French fries without benefit of a wet wipe, hand sanitizer or even a swipe with a dry napkin.  After lunch, with no attempt to wipe the visible ring of graham cracker smootz from around nephew’s mouth, we were off. In fact, there was no wiping at all.

I get that kids are messy.  But I was raised with a mom, in the days before conveniently packaged wet wipes, who carried a damp facecloth in a sandwich baggie in her purse at all times.  On the rare occasion where the washcloth was not available, we got Dad’s spit dampened hanky.  It just takes a little effort so that your kids don’t run around like pig pen.  I know, easy for me to talk/judge when I don’t have any kids, but I really honestly, don’t see how I would ever let my kids go around smelly and/or dirty if I could at all help it.  It’s not like the mute was being run ragged by the kids and couldn’t stop to wipe one up because the other was acting up; she just didn’t bother.

Well, here’s hoping I will get my own kid and have the cred to judge all I want as I parade around my perfectly groomed angel. 🙂


2 Responses to “Pig Pen”

  1. Chris Says:

    Mmmmm (in a Homer Simpson tone)…rotten milk on a kid’s shirt!

  2. booksunread Says:

    It was unreal the staying power of this stench. And the mute didn’t even notice it for an hour. And when she did, she was all “oh, well.” Yes, your kid is the stinkiest kid in the museum, inlcuding the ones running around with dumps in their pants. Oh well.

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