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Rock On August 16, 2007

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I just ordered myself a brand new cell phone/MP3 player.  I currently have one of each and every time I take the dog for a walk I am a tangle of wires, with the phone tucked in my bra and my MP3 player and pedometer attached to my waist band.  It’s a wonder I can keep my shorts up. 

My preference is to use walk time to catch up with people and make phone calls, but if it’s too windy for the mic or no one can talk, I blast some tunes. Otherwise, I get bored and cut the walk short.  I can get all emo with MCR or take it old school with Aqua’s Barbie Girl.  I have weird taste in music.  I probably look like a freak when I’m walking. 

(Speaking of, I happened to look out into the work parking lot the other day and saw a lunch time walker bust full out into Broadway hands, like what the hell lady, we can still see you.  And while I’m at it, I freaking hate the lunch time parking lot walkers strapping on their tennies with their best Sears office casual for a little lunch time sweating.  So gross. Either you’re not sweating so you’re just wasting your time, or you’re going back to the office stank for the rest of the day. Either way, you are stupid and gross.)

Okay, end rant. Anyway, with all these devices to juggle, it’s no surprise that each has been dropped to the pavement a time or 10.  The casings all have little dings and scratches all over them.  Now, occasionally when my cell phone rings, all I can hear is the echo of my own hellos.  The MP3 player finally bit the big one this weekend. No amount of poking a paperclip into the reset hole will get it past the error message.  The internets tell me I can unscrew the back and poke around in the guts to fix it, but then warn me to take “grounding precautions”-which sounds dangerous.  I couldn’t find a screwdriver small enough to get in there and while I was looking for one in the basement, I found that our water softener was leaking…so between that and the phone acting up every few days or so, I decided “fuck it all, I’m buying a new all in one.” 

My current phone and MP3 are both about 2 years old, so I guess I got my money’s worth out of them.  I went to the at&t store where the helpful sales guy directed me to the better phone deals online, and sold me 150 bucks worth of accessories (music headphone/mic package, memory card to hold said music, car charger and holster-19.99 for the holster, people, DAMN.).  (and also, holster is for walking, not everyday wear walking around with cell phone strapped to my waist like self-important loser.) I debated between the new Motorola Razor and the Samsung Sync and ended up going for the Samsung as it was designed with the music features more prominently in mind, and the play, ff and rew function buttons are available right on the face of the phone.  Plus, I am assuming that it functions much like my current Samsung MP3 player.  I am a crotchety old lady when it comes to newfangled gadgets and don’t like to have to learn new things!

So anyway, I ordered it online to save about 100 bucks and it should arrive tomorrow.  Squee! I love getting stuff in the mail.  Today, I should be getting two separate packages of dress possibilities for an upcoming wedding.  And shortly after that, birthday pressies! Squee!


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