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The waiting is the hardest part August 17, 2007

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So we’re now 1 week, 1 day post-insemination, with 5 more days to go before I can test.  It is taking all I have in me not to test now, even though, as Amalah so charmingly put it, it would be like throwing dollar bills directly in the toilet and peeing on them to waste a test now.  There’s no way I’d get a positive result (if indeed that is what I’m going to get) at this point.

Luckily, the hot flashes have stopped and the reflux has let up, although occasionally I will get hit with some out of nowhere gas.  I have felt some weird twingeness in the abdominal region (probably that gas) and my boobs started hurting yesterday.  The boobs could very well and most likely be normal pre-menstral…although it seems early for when I should expect my period, outside of all the hormones we’ve been using to fuck with my system, so on the hormones, who knows, it could be premenstral.  I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up, but it’s hard not to let my mind wander.

As a show of how not up my hopes are, I have started shopping around for another clinic, assuming that we are going to need another cycle.  There is another which is more conveniently located, and affiliated with the hospital I want, which seems like it might be a little more reasonably priced, but they break out the charges differently of course, so I’ll have to call and find out.   I will probably go ahead and set up the initial appointment for that one so we can get going and not miss a cycle.


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