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You on a Diet; Alternate Title: Duh August 17, 2007

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I just finally finished You on a Diet.  It will go back to the library tomorrow exactly 1 month past its due date.  That will run me some change.

I can’t say I really learned anything from reading this book.  Processed foods are bad; lean, whole, fresh foods are best.  You shouldn’t diet, you should just make your lifestyle more healthy.  Yeah, I knew that. It’s not like when at the store picking up a box of wheat thins or a package of bagels I thought I was getting a health food.  I just wanted some carbs.

I know processed=more crap.  When I was really watching what I was putting in my mouth, I didn’t even eat lean cuisines-I prepped a bunch of chicken or fish and paired them with plain frozen vegetables for my lunches.  I was eating egg whites for breakfast, and snacking fruits, plain nuts, veggies and beans. But sometimes, you just want some crackers and cheese and some honey roasted peanuts. And some cake.

The chasm between knowing and doing is vast and treacherous, the path strewn with peanut butter frappachinos, socializing over eating out and few drinks, chocolate and cheese.  If all you needto lose weight was to know what you should be eating, we’d all be skinny.  But seriously-what tastes better-a stack of Pringles, or an apple?

About the only thing I took away from the book were some specifics on nutritional label reading to help make better choices when I do go for processed foods.  And somebody (Salsera) could have just given me that freaking list in the first place instead of making me read that patronizing, boring book.

Given that none of the 4 dresses that I tried on yesterday looks good on me, and I feel all lumpy and dumpy, I guess I had better work on making more healthy lifestyle choices and less bad lifestyle choices.  Maybe if I really stick to it for the next two weeks and work out, I will be able to fit into the dress I originally planned to wear (bought this spring when I had lost that 10lbs, now makes me look like an over inflated Macy’s parade float).

But, you know, starting tomorrow. Today we have gourmet pizza party lunch at work and meeting friends for dinner/drinks after work-both of which conspire to knock out trip to the gym.  We can’t go out after work without going home to let the dog out at lunch. I can’t go home at lunch this one day of all days because of the never happens all-work lunch.  So instead of going to gym after work, I’ll be going home to let the dog out for a bit before going out to consume high calorie drinks and food.  Meh.


2 Responses to “You on a Diet; Alternate Title: Duh”

  1. Salsera Says:

    ahem, sombody wouldnt listen when i tried to tell them in the first place, so book reading was in order! 🙂

  2. booksunread Says:

    G.D. I heard you the first 50 times. What I needed was the specifics, less than 4g of sat fat and less than 4g of sugars. And also the books says I can have 1-2 diet sodas a day (which is all that I have) so pbbbbttttt!
    And also, I’m still trying to find a whole grain/wheat bread brand that falls into the rules. They don’t give specific brands. I wonder if Oprah’s “best life” labeling has a bread choice that works (for all that O is the devil and all).

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