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Big Surprise August 20, 2007

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My shiny new phone arrived on Friday, and as could have been predicted, it only took me about 5 minutes to become disenchanted with it and pissed off, because it was stupid.  See, ‘cause I couldn’t figure out how it all worked, so clearly it was the phone that was stupid, and not me.

I fiddled with it some after it charged up Friday night and found that I couldn’t get music on it from napster.  It wasn’t recognizing the device (although the computer was seeing it).  And every time I clicked on portable device, it was trying to sell me napster to go at $14.95 a month (I’m currently on a free napster light membership-I don’t download new music on a regular basis, I just want to manage the music I already own…)  So now I’m freaking out that you have to be napster to go member to use the phone. And OF COURSE, there is no customer support phone number to call for instant gratification, you have to send an e-mail and wait.

Even though the phone is a Samsung like my old one, all the menus are different and it took me a million years just to find the freaking camera.  This thing is way too fancy for me.  Live in call video? What the hell would I need that for?  And Miguel wanted me to get an iphone.  That would have sent me over the brink, for sure.

Of course the headphone/mic combo that works with the device, so I can listen to music or talk on the phone as needed while I’m walking, is ear bud based.  I don’t know who those buds are designed for, but it’s for sure not the delicate tiny shells that are my ears.  Those things don’t fit and won’t stay in for more than a step or two.  And I can’t find another set that is compatible because Samsung, like everyone else out there, is trying to screw you with a weird shaped plug that no other accessories will fit into. Bastards. 

Saturday, we went back to the at&t store so I could throw myself on their mercy to get my numbers off the sim card in my old phone (there were no instructions on this in the book!) and looked at headphone options.  My only optionis actually on a headband is a $129 bluetooth set.  I can not imagine one of those little one ear clip regular bluetooth thingies staying attached to my head.  Plus, even I, who just blinks blankly when Miguel points out the merits of various surround sound setups, need to listen to music in stereo.  I still have to check Best Buy and the Samsung website, but failing that, I guess the birthday fairy is giving bluetooth this year.

I decided not to humble myself further and ask the sales people about the music downloading thing, since the instruction manual had revealed that I did not need napster anyway, I could just use windows music.  So hah on you napster! With your wait a day for support and wanting to charge me to use music I already own. HAH!

Which of course, when I got home, did not work.  Napster’s helpful reply e-mail was to ensure that there was a memory card in the phone and that it was USB connected. Okay, I’m a tard when it comes to this stuff, but I did manage to figure out those basics.  So fiddly-fiddle for like an hour, taking little memory card out, sticking it back in, turning phone on and off, turning computer on and off, plugging and unplugging USB…the phone showed it was connected, but neither music program would see it.  I finally called at&t, who shuffled me off to Samsung, who had me press some combo of # and number keys that I never would have known to do on my own, and voila, suddenly, it was recognized.  And so I was finally able to download music from either program-which is good b/c all my play lists are already built in napster.  And it worked with plain old napster light so yay!

I walked last night with the phone just blasting from my hip, until I can get the headphone issue sorted out, this will have to do. It was only mildly embarrassing and I only had to scramble for the pause button once as a family with young kids approached in the middle of “gold digger.”


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