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Peeing on dollar bills August 20, 2007

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Monday 8/20- I broke down and tested this morning.  Even though it is still 2 days early, I just couldn’t take the suspense any longer.  My boobs feel hurty and fuller, but that could be pms, and I feel weird twinges and stuff in the abdominal area, but that could be just regular and I’m just more hyper conscious of it.  And the night time hot flash was back last night, even though the off and on daytime ones from the chlomid had tapered off.  The hot flash could be my period.  Or maybe its the prometrium.  Or maybe I will just continue to torture myself and make myself crazy.

Anyway, the test was negative.  Completely and totally blank besides the single indicator line.  Not even a hint of the second line.  Could mean nothing-just that it’s too early to test.  Could mean something-that there’s not even a faint trace of hormones b/c I’m not pregnant.

I bought the fancy ones that say “pregnant” “not pregnant” this weekend, to use on Wednesday.  I’m not sure what will be worse, the lack of a line or a glaring “NOT PREGNANT” flashing up at me…here’s hoping I can restrain myself from wasting another test until then.

Tuesday 8/21/07~ On the bright side, I have a feeling that today will the last day I will have to use the prometrium for a while.  My boobs are no longer very sore, and I thought I saw a very little bit of spotting this morning.  I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s test will be negative.


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