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Crotchety Old Lady August 22, 2007

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Why is everything new such an almighty pain in the ass? My quest continues for a set of headphones in order to be able to use my new phone in the manner which I intended to when I purchased it.  I want to be able to listen to music in stereo and be able to pick up calls and talk hands free. Is that so hard?

The standard stereo ear bud/mic package that is offered with this phone is a stupid piece of crap. I can not figure out how anyone gets these to stay in their ears.  They dangle precariously on the edge of my ear until I take a single step, and then they drop out, and much cussing ensues.  I had this same problem finding a single earpiece and mic for the old phone, but I had 50 different models to choose from and eventually found one that hooked over the ear, that stayed in and wasn’t painful to wear.

Thanks to Samsung’s special flat plug, none of the currently available headsets with round pointy plugs will work with the phone. But they did sell me an adapter, so off to Best Buy with high hopes I went yesterday.  The situation quickly got ugly.  There was one set of stereo headphones with mic, but they were the kind that hooked over the ears, not on a headband like I wanted, but I decided to give it a shot. 

I went out to the car and tried it, and found that round plug was smaller than the hole on the adapter so I marched right back in there.  Best Buy guy said that they had an adapter that might work, but they were out of stock.  Of course. And the thought of going to another Best Buy to purchase the adapter so that I could have an adapter on an adapter on a clippie pair of earpieces I didn’t really want made the $130 Bluetooth headband model start to look more attractive.  So I returned them (this necessitated a nearly murderous rage inducing wait in line behind a lady opening up a store credit card to buy her Nintendo wii, who had to have the terms explained to her approximately eleventy billion times while I stood there with steam coming out my ears.  And THEN, she made two separate purchases-one for the wii, and one for the game. HATE.)

After work I was still waffling on the Bluetooth device, and actually went to Target to examine cheap regular headphones, to see if there was a way I could pirate the headband and attach the earbuds to it with electrical tape. I am hoopty (the night before, I tried to anchor the fuckers in my ears with a fabric head band, which looked like I was wearing ear warmers. In August. I am cool).  Then, still unwilling to admit defeat, I went to Radio Shack to see if they might have to right adapter to work with the phone adapter to work with a pair of headphones.  I got snaked for salesperson help by some dillhole who came in behind me and then they didn’t have anything either.

My will totally crushed, I dragged myself off to the at&t store to buy the Bluetooth headset.  Now in addition to keeping my phone charged, I have to charge up the headset regularly too.  And I have to get it synched up and have it on all the time, or shut it off in my phone and it will drain my phone faster and blah blah blah instead of a nice little cord that I can simply plug or unplug.  I bought them, but I’m still not 100% sold on them. I haven’t even taken them out of the bag yet.

Instead, I went to the Samsung website and ordered a different earbud/mic set that appears to have much smaller buds that actually go into your ear.  At least I tried to order them. The website wouldn’t do anything when I clicked on checkout. So I had to call them and a very nice lady named Tony helped me out and comped my shipping for my inconvenience.  That’s what I’m talking about.  This whole thing has been nothing but inconvenience. I should have been getting comped all over the place!  So anyway, if those work, I will return the Bluetooth.

All this for a set of freaking headphones.


4 Responses to “Crotchety Old Lady”

  1. Chris Says:

    The headphone industry is a secret plot by China, Russia, Idaho to drive us all insane!

    I gave up on trying to listen to my mp3 player when doing nothing other than sitting perfectly still because of those f-ing earbuds!

    Damn you earbuds! Damn you!

  2. booksunread Says:

    Someone should invent a headband that you can clip various earbuds into to keep them in place. They would make a killing!

  3. Chris Says:

    By the way, I work with your sister. That’s how I found out about your blog.

    The headband thing is a good idea, but it would still undermine that whole earbud conspiracy!

  4. […] is the elusive combination of speakers, with a voice mic, on a wired headband.  After weeks of fruitlessly searching for a compatible accessory , I finally decided to refine my original idea of attaching the earbuds to a standard pair of […]

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