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Negative August 22, 2007

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The title pretty much says it all.  I’m disapointed, but I guess not surprised.  I feel like I want to have a great big therapeutic crying jag, but there’s really not much time for that today.  I tested this morning and I’m at work now. 

Miguel is frustated, too.  He said “we’ll try again, but we have to start preparing ourselves for the possiblity that we might not have kids.”  That is not a possibility I am ready to start preparing for.  I want to try at least two more times. 

So I have to call both clinics today.  The current one to let them know it was a no go, and the new one to tell them the same and hope like crazy they can squeeze us in for a new appointment office visit in time that we won’t miss next cycle. Otherwise, I guess we’ll go with the current clinic and hope it goes more smoothly than last time… 

I wonder how long it will take my period to start now that I’m going off the prometrium. I wouldn’t expect it until Saturday, based on a normal, no drug, cycle count. 


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