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NEXT! August 23, 2007

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So, round one IUI was unsuccessful we found out yesterday. Negative test.  I’ve been writing about the process right along, so I’m going to go through and post all those drafts for those of you interested in reading about it.  If you’re at all squeemish about girl parts, you might want to skip it.  I’m going to back post them by date; probably the easiest way to find them is to search by the “baby” category.

I’m doing okay with it so far…had a couple teary moments yesterday and this morning reading Sundry’s posts here and here.  Of course, yesterday everywhere I went there were pregnant women, which is hard for me to see.  I tried my best to contain my bitter, jealous feelings and refrain from giving them dirty looks; after all, it’s not their fault I’m not pregnant.

When I called the doctor’s office yesterday to tell them about my negative test they said, “okay, stop taking the prometrium and call us on the first day of your next cycle if you want to try again.”  Literally, that was all she said.  No words of consolation or even a simple “I’m sorry to hear that.”  That is pretty indicative of the the level of service I’ve gotten from this clinic right along.  I hope like hell I can get into the new clinic in time for my next cycle.

And even if I don’t, I’m going to insist that this cycle the IUI is performed by one of the doctors in the practice, and not an unsupervised Fellow.   Apparently a Fellow is full fledged M.D., but they are in the process of getting their speciality training.  At the time of my insemination, I was already half naked in the stirrups when the nurse and just a Fellow (without one of the practice docs) came in.  I wasn’t entirely sure at that time what being a Fellow meant, and I also didn’t really feel like I speak up and say something at that point.

Through this whole process I’ve ended up kicking myself after docotors visits and phone calls, for not getting all my questions answered.  I guess I’m afraid of looking stupid, or being annoying.  But with the kind of money we’re paying, I need to get over it and get everything out of it that I can.

Oh, and I don’t think I wrote about the best part of the experience with the Fellow. Immediately after the insemination, as soon as they got out into the hallway, I heard the Fellow and the nurse completely lose their shit laughing.  Now, I’m sure it was over something innocent like the fact that the doctor answered when the nurse asked ME how I was doing, but it is definitely not what you want to hear as a patient.

So yeah, fingers crossed for the new clinic.  If not, I am going to lay out to the current clinic all the ways in which I was unhappy with this cycle. I’m sure it will sound like sour grapes of a failed cycle to them, but tough shit, if nobody says anything, then nothing will change.


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