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Birthday Friday! Woot! Woot! August 24, 2007

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Okay, so my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but when your birthday falls on the weekend, you get the whole weekend. What? It’s a rule.

I feel bad because this week has not been a stellar success in terms of the whole eating better/going to the gym promise I made last Friday.  I made it to kick boxing on Saturday, but let Miguel talk me into blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning.  Monday, I had the water softener guy there in the afternoon, and as he was 45 minutes late getting there, I had missed all the classes by the time he finished.  Tuesday, I went to class at old gym. Wednesday I had an alumnae group dinner at PF Chang’s (no healthy menu options there, really; although I didn’t eat any fried egg rolls or wontons or anything).

Yesterday, we had a big meeting here with catered in lunch and an awesome lemon pound cake that was very awesome.  Did I mention it was awesome? It only took me 3 pieces to reach that conclusion.  And then, we went to a ball game-another work event, so there were a couple beers and some peanuts and some bbq.  Today, I have a pedi after work, and tomorrow is my birthday.  As of right now, I’m still planning to go to the gym, but I’m fairly certain that when the alarm goes off, I will use the “fuck it, it’s my birthday” excuse and go back to sleep. 

I’m still trying to decide how I want to spend my b-day.  I’m thinking if I do go to the gym, I will just stay and hang out by the pool and read. I’m still trying to finish HP5, so I can read 6 so I can finally read 7.  I just haven’t had much time for reading.  If I don’t go to the pool, I just want to read and nap-basically be left alone.  I feel bad for Miguel, b/c I’m sure he’s going to want to do something to make up for the fact that tomorrow night we have a ball game at his work suite.  Not exactly what I wanted to be doing on my b-day-making corporate wife small talk with peeps I don’t know.  But he’s still new at his job so it’s important bonding for him.

Speaking of things you don’t want to do on your b-day, this was the convo we had this morning”
Miguel: “Man the shower is getting kind of gross.”
Me: “Too bad we don’t have a magic shower cleaning fairy.”
Him: “Well, good thing we have a cleaning lady.”
Me: “I can tell you I will not be scrubbing the fucking shower on my birthday-that’s for damn sure.”
Him: “Me neither.”
Me: “Well good thing it’s not your birthday, then! Get scrubbing!”

That’s what he can get me for my b-day, he can clean the bathrooms, dust, do my laundry and put away the 80 pairs of shoes I have scattered throughout the house.


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