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Meh August 28, 2007

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Birthday weekend was pretty anticlimactic.  I guess when you get older, it’s a little bit much to expect that dancing bears clutching a fist full of balloons will be following you around all day long (what? it would be fun).

So anyway, it was just kind of mopey and meh and then we had to go to that game.  Which wasn’t bad.  All Miguel’s coworkers and their spouses are really nice so it was a pleasant evening. Just, you know, nothing exciting.

Sunday, I caught up with housework and FINALLY finished Harry Potter 5.  That was a big long damn book.  Now I’m whizzing through 6, so I can catch up with the rest of the world and read the 7th and final book.  And even though it came out over a month ago, I’m still unspoiled, so: shhh if you’ve read it already.  It’s a good thing I went back and reread, because I seriously did not remember anything that happens in this book.  I still don’t remember and I’m like 100 pages from the end. 

(Oh, and I so never went to the gym to work out this weekend. I did go twice to roast my fat ass by the pool though.)

I decided this weekend to scrap the current clinic and go with the new one.  It means we will miss this cycle, but oh well.  I had called and left the doctor a message last Thursday and no one ever called me back and that was just the last straw after all the little incidents of miscommunication and confusion I felt throughout the cycle.

I wrote them a 3 page letter detailing my unhappiness and why I was switching.  That’s the beauty of paying for this out of pocket, I can just take my tipped uterus and my checkbook elsewhere.  Then I called to ask them to have my record together and the doctor actually answered and of course, I ended up getting into some of it on the phone as far as where I felt there were break downs in the process.  So I will be picking up my records today, and seeing the new doctor tomorrow. 

I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my replacement earbuds.  That was yesterday’s excuse for not getting on the stair climber for 20 mins after yoga class as planned.  I did take the dog for a brisk 2 mile walk last night, but I had planned to do both.  I just still can’t seem to get back in the rhythm of eating healthy (the entire b-day cake Miguel’s boss sent home with us Saturday has not helped), and sticking to a gym schedule.  Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment after work so no gym and then this weekend we are heading out of town for my friend’s wedding, so will be missing Friday, Saturday and Sunday again.  Next week, man. I’ll totally start next week.


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