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Second Verse, Different from the First August 30, 2007

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Saw the new doctor yesterday.  What a complete 180 from the previous experience.  They were all thorough and efficient and organized and shit. How refreshing.

I sat down with the doc first and he took my medical history and we discussed what we’d already tried.  Then, I got an actual physical exam-with an ultrasound and everything-novel concept! Then they did a blood draw right there in the office to get an additional test not ordered by the previous doctor.  And then the doctor sat down with me again to discuss my treatment plan and answer my questions.  Finally, the nurse came in with all the Rxs and info we need for the full cycle.  I was there an entire hour; and not just sitting in the waiting room or exam room twiddling my thumbs, I was being seen/doing something the whole time.

I like this doc, because I feel like he isn’t try to “upsell” me.  He put the kibosh on the HSG test (a $500 optional test to see if my tubes are open)-he said given that we’d already had a successful non-tubal conception, that was pretty good evidence that my pipes were in working order.  He also did not push us immediately towards IVF.  He is pretty optimistic that Miguel’s counts, volume and motility give us a good shot with IUI. 

In fact, when I told him we were starting to consider IVF as an option, he said that while it was, of course, a slam dunk, it was quite a bit more expensive and wasn’t something we needed to jump right to.  He counseled us to be patient and if IUI wasn’t successful after a fixed endpoint, then we could consider IVF.  The other doctor was very pessimistic about Miguel’s numbers and made it seem like IVF was our only real option. 

The one thing that he told me that was completely counter to what the old doctors office had told me was that I was right, the chlomid is supposed to get me to make extra eggs.  He said that he likes to see 3 or so eggs, but he cancels your cycle at 5.  So he was kind of concerned as to why I was on the double dose of chlomid (he was going to start me on the lower dose to make sure that we didn’t overshoot and end up with 5+ eggs), but only seemed to have one egg.  So he put the dose back up to the double dose. 

Of course, now I’m worrying about exactly why I was on a double dose in the first place and exactly how many follicles I had and why we only triggered with one fully developed follicle and what happened to the rest of them…the new practice is doing the chlomid days 3-7 with the ultrasound and trigger on day 12, insemination on day 14.  The old practice did chlomid days 2-6, ultrasound on day 7, trigger on day 8, insemination on day 10, so it all went much faster.  I’m worried if I go longer on the new clinic’s plan with the double dose, I’ll end up with too many eggs and be cancelled.

I am going to call new doctor and ask him to call old doctor and see if he can find out more detail on why it went so fast and how many follicles I had on the day 7 ultrasound.  I think old doctor will be amenable to helping new doctor out, given how everything ended up shaking out.

Rather than sit here wondering and worrying this cycle, I am going to ask questions and be much more proactive. I’ve also decided to do acupuncture as a complimentary therapy.  Given that I am a brooder and a worrier, I have a hard time following the “just relax and it’ll happen when you least expect it” advice (as evidenced by the long and windy posts here on this topic.  I can assure you, as much as I’ve written about it here, I’ve thought about it approximately eleventy billion times that.  In the past, when I’ve needed to smooth those rough edges, I’ve taken wellbutrin.  I don’t want to be taking it while I’m trying or pregnant.  I just think the less drugs I’m on, the better. 

I knew a friend of a friend had tried acupuncture after a couple miscarriages and difficulty conceiving and she speaks very highly of it.  I asked the doctor about it yesterday and he was all for it.  I was a little hesitant because of the cost, but when I thought about it, I realized we blow as much as a session costs on going out for a single dinner; we could definitely find money in the budget for it.

So I’m feeling cautiously hopeful going into this next cycle.


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