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Call Me September 25, 2007

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Okay, so I finally went ring tone shopping and it was a sad disappointment.  For starters selection in the polyphonic (meaning not the actual vocals/music, but the chimey version of a song) categories is pretty thin.  Then add to that I am old, and don’t recognize songs by 50 Cent or Fall Out Boy, and my options are severely limited. (Although Fall Out Boy has one called “Homesick at Spacecamp” which is hilarious, a couple of their other tracks are similarly intriguingly titled; I may have to check out their actual CD, b/c I only know that one song they play on the local pop station. Because I am an old old lady.)

Anywho, I went through pretty much all the categories except for Urban, Reggaeton (the hell?) and Gospel-including Musicals, Classical and Oldies.  Nothing really grabbed me. I want something cute and fun, not cheesey and overused, not instantly recognizable to most people and that means something to me. I don’t want to just pick a song just because I like to sing along to it; I want sort of a private joke like “I Wanna Talk About Me” used to be.  People hear your ring tone and it says something about you, even if it’s “I can’t be arsed to look for a cool ring tone so I use whatever the phone was set on when I got it,” so I want to pick something good.

So the ones that jumped out at me:

  • Puff the Magic Dragon-kind of cute and whimsical, but what if people assume that means I like to, you know, puff the magic dragon? 
  • The Chicken Dance-I have a thing for the chicken dance right now; I don’t know why, I can’t explain it.  It’s just so gleeful. But Cheesy.  Which is what I was trying to avoid.
  • Crazy Bitch-I have never heard this song by Buck Cherry (to my knowledge), but it’s definitely got a catchy title.  Would be posery to pick a song that I didn’t know?
  • Morning Wood-this would fall under the classical category; you’ve heard it before I’m sure over fairy tale forest scenes in Disney movies with birds chirping and shit. Obvious appeal is that when people ask me what my ring tone is, I can giggle like a 12 year old when I say “morning wood.”
  • I Walk the Line & All Mixed Up-lot of diversity here, from Johnny Cash to 311, but I’ve lumped them together because they both sound like freaking polkas when rendered in polyphonic ringtones.  Speaking of Johnny Cash, I wish Ring of Fire was available.
  • Hell-by Squirrel Nut Zippers-you know that kind of swingy song that goes “In the afterlife, something something something because tomorrow there’ll be hell to pay…” Zippy, catchy, barely recognizable, and metaphorical for how I feel most days.

All the rest are crap by Fergie and Pussycat Dolls, or swishy, angsty love songs by Lifehouse and crap. As I’m neither a skanky ho, nor involved in swishy, angsty love affair, none of those are appropriate.

I’m strongly leaning towards Hell, unless something new becomes available asap.


5 Responses to “Call Me”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    My vote is for Chicken Dance! It it sounds anything like the wedding card you gave me, it is sure to be a hit. I’m not ashamed to tell you that my new husband and I dance around the condo to your card!

  2. booksunread Says:

    Hee! I also gave my mom a b-day card that played it. The chicken dance is good for all occasions! Let’s see if I can link to it…

  3. Salsera Says:

    ah ha h aha.
    walk the line is really a cheezy love song. also crazy bitch – just go to thier website and listen to it. trust me on this one.

  4. booksunread Says:

    Okay, will have to do that when I get home. Don’t really want to be googling crazy bitch at work. Although, for the most part I google with impunity and just cross my fingers when I really want to know something; I am capable of exercising restraint only when mildly curious, I guess.

  5. booksunread Says:

    Oh MY. I just looked up those lyrics and I’m having the vapors over here. And I am not a shy girl-Maybelle, you would not enjoy this song! I’m sure most people would not be familiar with the lyrics even if I told them the title, but still AWKWARD. So, no to that one then. I’m not so much for that hard rocking sound even if the lyrics weren’t so explict.
    And hey-I love the Live/Daughtry version of walk the line; do not bag on it!
    So it’s looking like “hell” then…

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