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Ovaries: Darned if they do; darned if they don’t September 26, 2007

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So I have one more day to wait to see what my ovaries are doing and either do a happy dance or weep bitter tears of “I knew it!” when the cycle gets cancelled because I made 20 eggs.  And really, when you’re worried about wild egg production and multiple births, you should clearly not stop to watch “John and Kate, Plus 8.”  Have you seen these people?  I found them last night; apparently they had a couple of specials on Discovery Health and now they have a whole reality series.  They had twins on chlomid and then got pregnant again on chlomid 3 years later with SIX kids.  SIX. So now they have EIGHT.

Unreal.  Even though I have a feeling (from what I can find) that the sextuplets weren’t IUI, but rather the result of just taking chlomid and doing it at home without monitoring, it still scares the bejesus out of me.  Logically, were I to get into a situation with high order multiples, I would selectively reduce.  Emotionally? I can’t imagine how you would even begin to make the decisions involved in that-which one/ones do we keep? Boy or girl?, etc.  Like most people taking fertility drugs, I’m just taking the leap and hoping like hell I’m in the 90% percentile that doesn’t end up with twins or more.

Since I’m being monitored, the chances of this happening are much lower, but still possible (one recent sextuplet case was IUI with a different stimulant, folistim, and the docs just wildly miscounted the follicles at the ultrasound).  Ack, but even if it prevents a high order accident, I will be crushed if this cycle gets cancelled and we’re out another month.  The clock is ticking, for Miguel especially, and neither one of us is long on patience.  We started this whole process seeing the doctor in MAY and hoped I’d be pregnant by summer’s end.  We’re now staring down October.

On the opposite end of the overproduction/cancellation fear is that I’ll only ovulate a couple eggs and we’ll have another failed IUI.  It’s such a fine line of gambles and risks and numbers.  I want as many eggs possible, without getting cancelled.  Is that so much to ask?


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