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Baby-Related Round Up October 3, 2007

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Okay, so nobody out there reading who wants to comment on infertility. Or nobody out there reading, at all (besides Salsera and Maybelle)…Alrighty then.   

The in town friend pregnancy was a false alarm; she’d dropped a couple of hints and then said she wasn’t going to be drinking anyway at a wine tasting outing we had scheduled.  We ended up scrapping the event because she wasn’t drinking, and I wasn’t drinking (it was after acupuncture for me, and you’re not supposed put the devil water in your body after you get your chi all aligned and shit, I guess) and went shopping instead.  Whereupon she made some comment about reading the Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy and I finally said  “ALL RIGHT-enough with the hints, ARE YOU?” and she is not currently, but they are getting ready to start trying in a month or so.  

By the way, accupunture #4 was much better; my appointment was a little later, so there was less traffic, and I brought ear plugs.  Add that to the fact that I’d been up the last couple of nights way past my bedtime and I was out as soon as they closed the curtain.  I think I must have been sawing logs like crazy because I was laying on my back and my allergies are killing me.  The nurse had this funny look on her face when she came in to remove the needles, like she wanted to say something or laugh, but didn’t know if she could make fun of my snoring.  So I was definitely calm and rested when I left…however, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m paying 90 bucks an hour to nap.  

 Also, I can’t say that it has very good lasting effect because on my way to the IUI on Saturday morning, less than 24 hours later, I was all keyed up and desperately dialing for someone to distract me on the drive.  I was trying not notice that despite the fact that I had taken care of business already before I left, I could literally feel my bowels turning to water as I drove.  Ah, nervous “company stomach,” how I love you. (This is my polite term for the digestive upset I get whenever I get mildly keyed up, for instance, when I have company coming and fly into full on Martha Mode.  No matter what my rational brain says about it not being a big deal, deep breaths, etc., my intestinal track has a mind of it’s own.)  This is why life is better on wellbutrin, and I will be going back to it as soon as this hypothetical baby is weened.   

But! I did not have a violent attack of reflux the day after, which is better than last time.  It might also be because I’m not doing the prometruim this time around; it isn’t part of this clinic’s protocol.  I have half a scrip left from last time, so I asked about it and the answer was basically “can’t hurt.”  I’m not going to be a drippy mess for two weeks for “can’t hurt.”  If I were to get pregnant and was found to have low progesterone levels, then of course, I would put up with it, but otherwise, I make it policy to just say no to unwanted suppositories. 

Okay, later this week: I’m blind, and why I STILL don’t have a new employee.


2 Responses to “Baby-Related Round Up”

  1. salsera Says:

    hmm, if you are trying to get pregnant, i would think a little wine might make it a bit easier (or a bit more fun at least!!)
    some people go waaaaaay overboard with that stuff!

  2. booksunread Says:

    Oh, no, that’s not why friend was drinking, she just doesn’t particulary like wine/drink that much…I know, why am I even friends with this person? 🙂

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