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Back, Sort of October 22, 2007

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I’m back from VA, but man could I use another day of vacation! It was a long trip what with being in the car 8 hours there and back and all the car riding once we got there, since Salsera lives in BFE.  If I never see the backseat of a car again, it will be too soon.  Add that to the fact that we went to bed late, were compelled to get up early and hang out with the Ps, and in between had to wrestle a 300lb dog for sheets, and I was done by the time we finally rolled into town Friday night.  And of course the Ps stayed an extra day at my house before continuing home, so my entire weekend was shot-no sleeping in, taking a nap, or having five seconds to myself to scratch my ass. Once they finally left, I had approximately a billion bills to pay, eggs to be counted, bags to unpack and stuff to put away, a dog to walk, and the gym I haven’t seen the inside of in a week.

I would have loved to call in sick today, sleep in, then get on the computer to review and clean out the TWO HUNDRED e-mails that accumulated while I was gone.  That way I could start fresh tomorrow morning.  However, it looks like I’ll be out Wednesday morning for the ole wank and squirt and I have actual work to accomplish in addition to those 200 e-mails, regular mail to sort and job candidates to review.  So this is it for an update for now!


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