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Must Dash! October 24, 2007

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No time to write this morning as I’m participating in the Cross Town Sperm Invitational today.  For some reason, Dr. “You will see me and only me” is mysteriously and suddenly not available this week.  When I went Sunday for my ultrasound, the nurse put me in a room without a word and then some woman I’d never seen before came in and introduced herself and said she was pinch hitting.  Ohhhkay.  Then when I went out to schedule, the nurse said that she would still be covering for him on Wednesday for the insemination.  Unfortunately, she works out of another office. 

So I have to go to the lab located in the building where MY doctor’s office is, pick up Miguel’s contribution, then DRIVE across town to this woman’s office to deliver it.  And uh, have it delivered to my egg(s), hopefully.

It’s really not across town, more like 5-10 minutes away, max. But still, it’s just another layer to stress out about and be all “Oh my god, red light! SPERM are DYING!”  Because you know I will.  Can’t help it. 

Pray for green lights!


2 Responses to “Must Dash!”

  1. Salsera Says:

    They told us in health class that it can live for 3 days! Maybe they were trying to scare us into abstinence?

  2. booksunread Says:

    Apparently, according to my research, it can live 3 to 7, an average of 5, but only if you’re talking ejaculation directly into the v-jayjay. Then it stays at constant body temperature and the cervical mucus and enzymes and stuff help sustain it.

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