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No More Needles November 8, 2007

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I decided after the session just prior to last my IUI to ditch the acupuncture.  Because I had been out of the town the week before, I was trying to squeeze a session in and found out that he also sees patients at the integrative health center/spa of my old gym.  The catch was that it was 20 bucks more, but the time and day were convenient so I went for it.

The setting was much nicer than his regular office where you get a curtained off recliner in a room full of other people.  I got to stretch out on a massage table in a private room and got in a pretty good snooze until I started sweating under the aluminum blanket.  And then of course the problem with the acupuncture is that you can’t really move to kick the blanket off.  They really should give you an emergency button to hold on to in case you need help.

When I was all done, I thought about going to the spa every week and just eating the 20 bucks (on top of the $88 I was already paying), but I just decided that maybe the acupuncture wasn’t so much for me.  I still felt like I was paying a hundred bucks a week to take a rather uncomfortable nap.  I never felt like it had any residual calming or emotional effects. 

I also never felt like the doctor was all that in to treating me.  He never kept track from one week to the next what was going on with my cycle, I had to remind him every time.  And when he was done with me for the day, he was done, no follow up recommended at all.  No, okay, so if you’re doing X next week, I need to see you X or X day.  It really didn’t seem to matter to him one way or another if I came back again.  One time as I was leaving, he told me to feel better.  Um, not trying to feel better, trying to feel pregnant, hello?

All told, I saw him for about 8 sessions, I think.  While it was doled out weekly in manageable chunks, that adds up to $800 bucks.  That is almost as much as we’ve paid out so far for both IUI cycles at clinic number 2.  All in all, I just felt like that money would be better spent elsewhere.

So ends my foray into new agey medicine.  I suppose anything is worth a shot once.


One Response to “No More Needles”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    I give you credit for even giving this a try! I’ve always thought it was kind of scary – but I really, really dislike needles of any sort.

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