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Turkey Countdown November 15, 2007

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turkey The countdown is on for Thanksgiving and I’m woefully behind this year. Usually for the entire month of November, I’m busily planning my menu and running around trying to find some random accessory to make a perfect Martha-like autumn harvest celebration.  Last year: acorns for my brilliant idea place card holders.  I ended up settling for pinecones.


The year before that, it was leaf-shaped molds so that I could make individual decorative butter pats (I ended up using mini cookie cutters).  The year before that, it was a quest for mini pumpkins and gourds to be carved as decorative votive holders.  It is a sickness.  I don’t know why I make myself crazy with these things.

This year, I am completely unmotivated to get my Martha on…I even briefly considered buying a pre-cooked turkey (the horror!) to cut down on prep work.  I guess I’m bummed b/c this year was supposed to be a big one with all of Miguel’s family, but that fell through, so it is just us, and our friends who I’ve mentioned before, let’s call them Spam and Slobetta.  To recap, we love Spam, we put up with his wife, Slobetta, but are often grossed out by her utter lazy grossness. 

Also, they are bringing Spam jr with them for the first time which strikes terror in my heart.  Mostly as I fear that Slobetta (who I have literally watched drop food on my floor and go on like nothing happened-more than once) will not watch him.  I have visions of him running sticky handed straight for our nice new couch.  He is about to turn four. Another thing I’m not so jazzed about-as of two weeks ago they were “working on potty training him.”  That is just bullshit, kid is FOUR and is big for his age.  Now I have to go buy a rubber sheet for the guest bed.  Even if they put him in night diapers, I worry that a kid that big will overflow and flood the bed.  I will also be purchasing those oh so classy plastic covers to protect the upholstery on the dining room chairs.  I’m not so bitter about that, since I’ve often been tempted to purchase them specifically for Slobetta, and now I have an excuse.

As far as getting my Martha on in the kitchen, I’ve decided on a selection of appetizers: chex mix, crackers and cheese, beer cheese dip with soft pretzels, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and balsamic sausage bites.  For the meal, I decided to make just turkey breasts to cut down the amount of room taken up in the oven. I’m going to make two different preparations-an orange brined cranberry glazed breast and a more traditional one with the usual poultry seasonings and butter.  Miguel and Spam tend to be picky so the cranberry glazed might not go over with them.  Because of that, neither of them will eat my perfectly yummy cornbread, apple and sausage stuffing, and I have to also make a couple boxes of stove top.  I also have my grandma’s recipe for more of a pork dressing/stuffing so that is three types of stuffing right there. Then there will be mashed pototaoes, sweet potato casserole (pecan and brown sugar topping-no marshmallows!), and green bean casserole.  For desert, I usually make a pumpkin eggnog pie or pumpkin cheesecake, but I think I’m going to go easy this year with a boxed brownie mix. Maybe I will buy a wee pumpkin pie for traditions sake.  Oh, and there will be Pillsbury crescent rolls. Because it’s not Thanksgiving without crescent rolls.

I’ve got to get my shopping list and coupons together tonight.  I’m in charge of a charity luncheon on Saturday, so I won’t be able to get to cleaning, shopping and doing as much prep as possible until late Saturday afternoon.  Luckily we just cleaned really well for company last week, and this is Slobetta we are talking about so I don’t have to strain myself…although I suppose they should have clean sheets.


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