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Hurry Hurry November 20, 2007

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Not much time to post again!  I had my new hire start yesterday so I’m tied up with him most of the day here.  At home, I’m busily getting ready for my guests, who I can’t believe arrive tomorrow.  I made as much as would hold up to freezing on Sunday, along with my chex mix.  Tomorrow, I still have to make cookies and brownies, make 2 more appetizers (bacon wrapped water chestnuts and beer cheese dip), cut up cheese for the cheese platter, make the sweet potato casserole, peel the potatoes and brine the turkey breasts.  Turkey day I will just make the mashed potatoes, combine the prepped ingredients for the stuffing(s), throw together the green bean casserole, and cook the turkey and rolls.

Then Friday it will start all over again with the appetizers and snacks as we’re having a bunch of people over for the 2nd annual day after thanksgiving drunken cornhole/dart fest.

Also, for the record, I did succumb a bit to the running around looking for the perfect this that and the other thing.  I’m such a sucker.

I am quite proud of myself though, because last night I started my Christmas shopping.  I got something for my mom, and my father in law is done too. I feel very productive!

Hope everyone has a festive and fun turkey day!


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