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Bucking for a Lump of Coal (Or a Kick in the Nuts) December 19, 2007

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Little primer for you guys, things you do not say to your pregnant wife:


When she comes home with new panties in a slightly larger size…
With furrowed brow, “Wow, those are really big…are you going to get that big?”
Especially when she is pretty sure that they will fit her ass NOW.


When she is wistfully wishing she could go back to bed in the morning instead of getting ready for work because she is so. damn. tired…
With disgustingly cheerful morning pep, “It’s not all being pregnant. You never like getting up in the morning.  Getting up in the morning is all mental, if you’d just buck up and stop being such a grouch, you wouldn’t be as tired.”


When she is two seconds away from walking out the door to work…
Running hands over her hips, “These pants are getting really tight!”
Backtracking in face of death ray glare, “You’re pregnant…so it’s okay!”
Nice try. My ass is not pregnant, thank you very much, so tell me another one.


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