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Day Old Bread January 7, 2008

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Salsera informed me last week that my content was getting stale over here.

Can’t help it…if I had posted these past couple weeks it would have read something like this “WAH tired!  WAH sick! WAH nap! WAH sore throat! WAH sleep! WAH barfy! WAH clothes don’t fit! WAH Zzzzzz!”  And who wants to read that, right?

The holidays thoroughly kicked my ass and I’m only feeling marginally up to a full week of work, with full work days and no naps or anything. WAH.  My cold seems to be on the way out, but the 1st trimester fatigue and stomach yuck are taking their sweet ass time making an exit. 

Technically, I won’t officially be out of the 1st trimester until Thursday, and then I suppose I will see a gradual improvement.  Just in time to enjoy the most awesome months in the Midwest of January, February, and March.  And then as it heats up, I will start to reach whale-like proportions.

While the scale says I have not yet surpassed my fattest weight (where I started dieting last year at this time), my pants are telling a different story.  I broke down and purchased two lace-trimmed Bella Bands today (sort a fake layering tank top bottom-like thing that hangs out the bottom of your shirt and covers your stomach and the unbuttoned top of your pants-like a dickey, but for your gut!).  I don’t know how much they are going to help given that my ass and my thighs are seemingly growing at a rate in keeping with my waist.  Which right now, resembles not so much a growing baby as a particularly flabby and gross fupa (cringe, I KNOW, but this little bit of crudeness is the best description for it right now).

Hopefully, with the holiday time suck over and feeling better, I can get back to some sort of workout routine that will help keep the ass and thighs in check for a bit longer.  I plan to resume yoga and light cardio/weights classes, along with swimming.

On the bright side, while the rest of world is vowing to eat less and lose weight (as I myself have done every New Year since I was 13), I can safely make a resolution to eat more and gain weight this year. Suckers!


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