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Just Killing Time January 14, 2008

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So we’ve officially passed into the second trimester as of last week.  I’m still waiting for the stomach o’ acid and fatigue of the dead to pass.  I had two good days last week and thought, “that’s it, I’m done, here comes 2nd trimester feeling awesome!” (so all the books promise). Ah, hubris!

Anyway, I’m still having a hard time believing on a day to day basis that there really is a baby in there.  Other than the increasingly complex system of hooks, rubber bands, and pulleys required to keep my pants up, that is.  “Just loop a hair rubber band through your buttonhole and loop around your button to extend your waistband,” is really kind of shitty advice.  For starters, for some reason, the majority of pants that I own are not of the single button variety.  Most have a tab, and a combo of hooks and a button, so in theory, I’d need not one, but three hair bands, if I could get a rubber band underneath the almost flat hook receptacle.  And then, they have to be exactly the right length or they don’t do any good dangling there. Additionally, without the security of a tightly fastened button, a few of my zippers can not withstand the strain of my gut and head directly due south.  And finally, I believe I’ve already discussed the problem of my equally expanding ass and thighs.  I tried the Bella band last week with jeans and it does seem to work okay, but did tend to need tugging every time I got up.  Plus, even the two colors I got will not work with every outfit.

Since all this expansion could all be put right down to the jelly donuts and ice cream that have found a regular place in my “diet,” I’m still looking for constant reassurance that everything is going on okay in there.  Even though we’re now past the magical 1st trimester marker, I still feel like I’m tempting fate with each new person that I tell.  As I’m now back in the low risk category of regular OB patients (physically, if not mentally), I’ve been put back on the 1 visit a month schedule.  How do regular people do this? Go weeks without a heartbeat check or scan to confirm baby is still alive and kicking in there?  To squeeze in an extra peek under the hood, I went ahead and scheduled an ultrascreen test for last week.  The combination blood test/ultrasound assesses your risk of carrying a baby with a neural tube defect like Down’s. 

At the time, I just wanted another visit to confirm there was still a beating heart in there before my next regular OB appointment at the end of the month.  Now I’m a little worried about what we would do with the results if they do indicate we are in the high risk zone. We would definitely test further with amnio or cvs for a definitive diagnosis, of course, but what if that comes back positive?  Am I the only pregnant woman who is this much of a worrywart? 

The ultrasound itself was a little disappointing.  I think because it was an external, rather than transvaginal, scan, wee baby’s parts seemed less identifiable than before, even when the doc was pointing directly to things and letting me know what they were.  However, from the doc’s POV, everything looked good, so that is what matters!  Wee baby was being very stubborn about getting into position for the measurements needed for the testing.  He/she was all curled up, waving around fists and showing off flexed biceps.  Now I’m worried that he/she won’t cooperate for the sex scan… 


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