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For F’s Sake February 11, 2008

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I am extremely irritated this morning.  Remember how I said that I was traveling a LOT this month?  Well, of course the weather is conspiring to make this the most gigantic pain in the ass possible.

Last week, it was Detroit.  The evening we were supposed to leave, they got something like 8 inches of snow, and thankfully, our flight was cancelled before we even left for the airport.  We rebooked to go out early the next morning and come home that same day.  When I got to the airport the next morning, that flight was cancelled, meaning we would get in several hours later and probably be unable to make the flight back that night.  So we booked to come home the next morning.  Luckily, I had packed an overnight bag just in case.  Our meeting finished quickly so we switched our flight AGAIN to get back that same evening.  It was nice to sleep in my own bed instead of a germy hotel, but damn it was a long day.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to go to NY/NJ.  We are expecting 4 inches of snow overnight here.  Which means the 5:30 am drive to the airport is going to be a hot mess because we don’t do snow well around here-we just don’t get enough of it, I guess.  Of course, with every trip, Miguel gets his over-protective panties in a wad all you should cancel, blah, blah, blah, like I can just back out of work commitments and let $600 plane tickets go to waste because he wants me to. 

Miguel wants me to stay overnight tonight at the airport which is of absolutely no interest to me-I always sleep like shit in hotels, plus I still have to pack and all of that fun stuff tonight.  And I wanted to go to yoga since I will not be making it to the gym any other night this week while I’m on the road.  And also, if I stay overnight and the flight/trip gets cancelled, then I’m fucking stuck down there and I stayed down there for no reason.  Also entirely possible around here is that I will stay over night there, the forecasted snow will not happen, and I will have stayed down there for no reason.  Either way, it sucks.

I’m supposed to get back from this trip Wednesday night.  On Friday, I leave for Chicago.  After a sunny Wednesday and Thursday, they are calling for rain and snow showers on Friday. OF COURSE.  I come back Monday, and then Wednesday, leave again for Tampa.  They will probably be expecting a hurricane, I’m sure.

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes, all, why did you schedule all this travel in February, dumb-ass.  It’s winter! It snows! But it’s not like I had any choice.  The point of all this travel is to get my new employee out to meet his clients and get started working with them.  Because the hiring process took so g.d. long (EIGHT MONTHS!), he didn’t start until the end of November.  By the time he was trained and ready to start dealing with clients, it was Christmas/New Year’s.  And then everybody dragged their heals about getting meetings scheduled. I tried to get some of this out of the way in January (not that it would have been any better weather-wise, probably), but nooo, everyone put us off until now.  And if we don’t get going on these meetings, he’d basically be sitting around twiddling his thumbs, so I can’t push them off even further.

Argh. It just sucks.


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