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Back in the Saddle February 19, 2008

Filed under: Daily Grind — booksunread @ 1:24 pm

Sort of. For a day at least.  I was out Friday and Monday on vacation in Chicago.  I’m in the office today (only 74 more new e-mails to sort through!), then off again tomorrow and Thursday for a meeting in Tampa.  Where it damn well better be warm and sunny.

So no time to write. Trip home was nice, but still rushed.  I also wish I had not been sick.  With a cold I caught because one of my coworkers thought it would be nice to bring her kid in when she was home sick from school.  And then let her wander up and down the halls, touching everything with her germy hands.  I’m extremely pissed about that. 

Am also pissed that my e-mail to management about how this is a terrible habit was totally ignored.  Am seriously considering forwarding again with the message, “are my concerns not valid or do you just not care?” 


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