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Cookies February 25, 2008

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It is Girl Scout Cookie Time!  That special time of year when you pay $3 for a half-full box of cookies that were probably made a year ago. Yum.  And yet, some of the cookies just don’t compare to what you can buy at the grocery store.  There is something magical about the Girl Scout cookie.  And if there is a cookie that can rival the taste of a Thin Mint or a Tagalong, I’ve yet to find it.

Given my current “eat all the cookies you want,” diet, I was especially looking forward to the cookie delivery this year.  You can imagine my joy upon arriving in the office on Friday and discovering the bag of treats on my desk.  You can probably also imagine my disappointment when, after forcing myself to wait until I’d had a nutritious lunch, I tore into the bag to find that two of the three boxes were NOT what I had ordered.

Sure, my Thin Mints were there, but the Tagalongs and chocolate dipped shortbreads had been replaced with plain, non-chocolatey shortbreads and crappy peanut butter sandwich cookies (I still have a box of these in my pantry from last year-Miguel had ordered them from one of the neighborhood kids-that they are still there is a testament to how much I dislike them as few cookies are so bad I will not eat them in a fit of sugar desperation).

I should have known not to trust our near-senile office admin with the important task of accurate cookie delivery (she brought the order form in for her granddaughter).  She is in her upper 60s, and comes in two days a week to answer phones and complete any general admin work that needs to be done.  I have learned over time that there is pretty much no admin work that is basic enough that she can’t fuck it up.  She misfiles things, types all her e-mails in ALL CAPS, is mystified by the intricacies of MS Word, and generally needs everything explained to her ten times.

I hate to be age-ist, but she came from an office environment at one of our subsids, she’d worked there for years, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be up on basic office technology.  She is a very nice lady, but it is time for her to retire. 

Anyway, back to the cookies, I could conceivably keep my mouth shut and pay for cookies I’m not going to eat, but that is not going to get me my Tagalongs.  So I asked the office manager for the admin’s home phone number so that she could get it straightened out before she comes in next time, and bring my correct cookies with her.  The office manager was all, “yeah, I didn’t think I got the ones I ordered either.”  So she made a list and called.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be munching on my Tagalongs.  Luckily I have my Thin Mints to sustain me in the meantime.

Speaking of Tagalongs, Maybelle is in trouble for recommending Edy’s Tagalong special edition ice cream to me.  Holy crap is that stuff good. I bought a gallon of it Friday night and it’s almost all gone.  Each time I had a giant bowl, I had to restrain myself from going back for seconds, I was so disappointed when I finished.  The only thing that could make it better would be to have some actual Tagalongs to crumble over the top.


4 Responses to “Cookies”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    We pay $4 per box where I live – a total rip but I stock up each year. I bought the most in my office (5 boxes) – I felt like a hog since most of the girls I work with weigh 105 on a heavy day and ordered one box each. But why wouldn’t I just make it an even $20 order, right?! I ate an entire box of Tag-a-longs in three sittings – had my husband not been home it would have easily been two.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Tag-a-long ice cream – I wasn’t kidding when I said it was GOOD! It only comes out for a couple months a year so you better pick up another one soon. 🙂

  2. booksunread Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize I was getting the bargain GS cookie deal at 3 bucks a box. 🙂

    I will definitely be getting at least one more gallon of Tagalong ice cream; I wasn’t kidding about crumbling more cookies on top, so I’ll need to restock when I finally get my right order in.

    I have gone completely off the reservation in regards to sweets. This weekend, I also bought a package of Oreos, a bag of easter whoppers, and a whole box of cadbury eggs (time to stop fooling myself and buying them one by one). Now I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t bring any of it to work with me today, except for 3 measly oreos in my lunch. 😦

  3. maybelle76 Says:

    Well, you are eating for two – I don’t have that excuse! I have to stop soon or else none of my summer clothes are going to fit!

  4. angel rollins Says:

    I just finished reading Insomnia by Stephen King and was searching for the whole Stephen Dobyns poem online and found it on your website! Thank you, thank you! I truly feel that is how I live my life right now, rushing forward to get somewhere, but fleeing from the past, as well. I think we all do that, to a certain degree. If you liked Insomnia, have you tried to read any of King’s Dark Tower books? They are excellent!

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