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Bad Travel Juju February 26, 2008

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Man, am I glad I’m done traveling for a while.  Last week’s trip to Tampa was just about as bad as all the rest of my travel this last month.  For starters, it was snowing heavily for the trip up to the airport, and the lot was not plowed. So after a slow careful drive, I got to trudge in ankle deep snow after the shuttle bus.  Of course, as I was heading to FLORIDA, I was not sporting boots.

Once I got into my seat on the plane, I whipped out my wet wipe and proceeded to disinfect all the hard surfaces-arm rest, tray table, wall, seat belt buckle.  With the amount I’m getting on and off planes these days, there was no way I was taking the chance of catching any germs; bad enough I was breathing all that recycled air.  Just as I finished up, I thought, “hey, my butt feels damp, why would my butt feel wet?” Touch the cushion, which is decidedly damp and smells like pee.  I just finished disinfecting my area, and the entire time I was sitting in PEE!!!

WTF?!?! Who DOES that? Let’s their kid PEE on an airline seat and then hustles him/her off the plane without alerting the flight crew?!?!?  I immediately leapt up and asked for a new seat.  The flight attendant told me to wait, went up to the front of the plane, and started walking back towards me with a fistful of plastic bags.  Oh hell’s no, I am not sitting in the pee seat covered with a flimsy plastic bag!!! I will be moving up to first class or a g.d. jump seat if there’s nothing available in coach.  Luckily, there was just one seat open elsewhere and I was able to move.

When I arrived in Florida, it was glorious to walk out of the terminal without my coat and feel the warm breeze on my face.  I went to Budget to get my rental car.  She offered me an upgrade which I declined.  When I travel, I choose compact for a reason-it’s much easier to maneuver an unfamiliar small car than an unfamiliar large car, especially when you don’t know where you’re going and may have to weave through traffic to get to your exit.

When I get out to the lot, there is a mini-bus parked in my spot.  I asked the guy with the keys what was up and he said they didn’t have a compact ready, so they upgraded me to a Chevy HSR.  Thing looked like a special ed version of a PT Cruiser-more boxy and bus-like. And I said, why didn’t I get upgraded to a real car, or something that’s at least not a bus.  And he very snottily informed me that he had no idea how long it would be for another car so they were doing me a favor by letting me drive this piece of crap and get out of there.  Not wanting to risk having to navigate rush hour traffic, I agreed and took the car.

What a giant piece of crap that car is.  It’s boxy and hard to see out of in the mirrors and side windows.  It’s impossible to gauge how much room you have backing up.  The controls are all jacked up with the window buttons on the center console instead of on the freaking door like every other car.  And, it had over-air freshnered smell.

Then, on the way to hotel, and again the next day back to the airport, the GPS was unclear on the concept of a highway like elevated main road, and kept telling me to turn where I couldn’t get off. I ended up driving over the bay bridge and back before I could get going the right way.

Upon arriving back home, it was rush hour and had been snowing heavily for several hours.  It took me almost three hours to drive 40 miles home, over a highway where the lanes were completely invisible due to the snow.  About halfway there, my wipers clogged with snow and were barely working. I had the defrost running full blast, in an effort to melt it, and was ready to pass out from the heat inside the car. It was completely ridiculous. 

So I’m glad I’m not going anywhere until mid March!  I’m sure another freak late blizzard will hit then.  Maybe my seat will be puked on instead of just peed on and I’ll catch the ebola virus.


2 Responses to “Bad Travel Juju”

  1. maybelle76 Says:

    OMG. The pee on the seat is awful! That is the first time I’ve ever heard that happen to anyone. I’ll have to remember to check from now on. 😦

  2. booksunread Says:

    Even worse, the flight attendent was like “Another one?” when I told her!!!

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