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Just a quick one… February 27, 2008

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…to say: This kicking thing is still so freaking cool!  I’m sure by the end of this I will be all “For the love of GOD, knock it off!” but right now every single ripple and nudge makes me smile.  I’m sad when he’s quiet, I want to jump up and down to wake him up and get him poking again.  Alternatively, shoveling in a bunch of sugar is looking like a good strategy.

Speaking of cookies, I screwed the pooch with the GS cookie lady.  Either I really did mess up filling out the form, or there was a shortage, and they won’t own up to it.  Happily, when I went to the grocery store yesterday, there was a troop camped out there and I was able to get 2 boxes of Tagalongs. (Although they just say pb patties on the box? I noticed the Samoas were also called “carmel delights” or something. No wonder there was confusion-they can’t decide on the names. I hope they don’t phase out the tried and true names, it’s part of the nostalgia!)  Anyway, I STILL screwed the pooch because inside the grocery store, they didn’t have the Edy’s Tagalong ice cream-just the Samoa.  I’m never going to get my cookie-crumbly sundae at this rate. 

Also, under the catagory of “isn’t that cute?” I asked Miguel to guess my weight yesterday and he said 135-bwah ha ha ha ha! That’s what I weighed last spring when I was skinny and working out. So not even close.


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