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Technology February 29, 2008

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So I finally got with the times and got myself set up with google RSS reader to keep track of all my blog reading in one place.  It was pretty simple once I got in there.  I don’t remember what service I tried last time but it was all confusing and shit and I gave it up.

That got me thinking about all the newfangled technology out there and how amazing it is that we’ve come so far in so few years.  I can remember actually dropping a class my junior year of college because it required you to use that new fangled e-mail to turn in your assignments.  And it was such a giant pain in the ass to treck to the computer lab and get online and nobody understood how it worked and blah blah blah new is hard-cakes.  I graduate in ‘97, so that was just barely ten years ago.  By the time I finished grad school 3 short years later, I wouldn’t even go to the library to do research anymore-if I couldn’t get a background article online, I didn’t need it!  My cell phone back then was about as big as a brick and reserved for emergencies only.

And now we have tiny rzrs, and iphones you can watch movies on, and IM, blogs, and text messaging and twitter and tumblr and wikis and all this social media and it blows my mind if I really stop to think about it.  And with wee baby on the way, I wonder what is in store for the future.  The kids will probably be text/IMing via brainwaves by the time he is a teenager.

We got our first computer when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, the kind with a black and green only screen and giant floppy disks.  Now you can carry essentially a whole computer the size of that floppy disk around in your pocket. 

The upshot of this technology advance that I’m not so happy with in light of wee baby on the way is that all this seems to moving to younger and younger generations. Twelve year olds gab away on their cell phones, toddlers have TVs in their bedrooms, and god forbid you go to the grocery store without popping Dora the Explorer into the minivan’s DVD player.  Whatever happened to shut up and look out the window?  They have video games for BABIES. I’m really hoping to hold out as long as possible before exposing wee baby to any of that…He’ll probably want his first cell phone before he turns 4.


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