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Catch Up March 13, 2008

Filed under: Getting my Martha On — booksunread @ 1:59 pm

Sorry guys, I’ve been traveling again, hence the sparse updating. I’m done for a while now and may I just say (with all due respect for the fine people I’m sure live there) that New Jersey sucks.  It was impossible to navigate-even with a Garmin.  You have to make three right turns and go around the block to make a freaking left turn anywhere. Very maddening to fly past somewhere you want to be on your left and not be able to get to it.

I’m hosting Bunco this evening with the ladies from my old neighborhood (which is right around the corner from my current one).  We used to play fairly regularly but it has been hard lately to get enough people rounded up to play.  I think the last time we had it was July or so. 

Anyway, it will be a chance to get my Martha on. Everyone brings an appetizer or desert to share and then the hostess is responsible for providing 3 prizes in the $5-10 range and a clean house.  However, since I didn’t keep track of who is bringing what, I made a pan of pb cup brownies, and a warm pesto dip so I at least have one of each.  I also made a punch and peach ice tea. I made ice cubes with slices of strawberry and limeade for the punch and plan to use frozen peach slices as ice cubes for the tea.  That way, they stay cold without getting watered down. And, it’s pretty!

For the prizes, I made glass marble magnet and push pins sets with pretty scrap book paper and threw in a Bath and Body works antibacterial soap. Who doesn’t need hand soap? I hate it when I get some useless candle holder or something that is not my taste…then I feel bad wasting it.  At least with the soap, at worst, they don’t like the scent and can always stick it in the kids bathroom or something.

Most of the ladies are a bit older than me, but it’s nice to get together and catch up on neighborhood/city news and gossip (since I don’t read the community paper).  It will also be fun tonight as no one really knows I’m pregnant yet-it’s always fun to tell new people!


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