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Weekend of Free March 17, 2008

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My Saturday got off to a rather pissy start as I rushed to get out the door to yoga, only to find when I got there that all classes were canceled for the weekend due to instructor training.  I haven’t been to the gym all week with my travel schedule and bunko and last Saturday the blizzard kept me away.  I was very annoyed they hadn’t said anything in the weekend classes leading up to this weekend and the signs that they posted were black and white letter sized signs propped up 3 feet away from where you check in at the front desk.  I never would have noticed them even if I had been there this week. 

Of course, I wasn’t wearing gym shoes and hadn’t brought a fresh bra to change into if I got all sweaty (I was showering and heading straight to a wax appt.), so I couldn’t even do anything at all while I was there. I had to turn around and go home after packing a bag and being all ready to do class.  I suppose I could have just showered and gotten ready there anyway, but I felt really weird doing that after not doing anything at all…

Anyway, back to the point, my weekend of free.  My Saturday definitely perked up from there.  The local radio stations do this thing where they sell $50 gift cards for $25 so I’d been collecting them for spa that does laser hair removal. I desperately want to get my bikini line done. I’m not an overly hairy person in general, but my bikini line starts somewhere just north of my knees for some reason.  Once we started on the baby track, pointing lasers at your privates is frowned upon so I started to use them up on waxes and pedis.  However, I’m a bit behind in using them and realized that I’d let a bunch of them expire.  One back in December and then three at the beginning of this month.  At my wax on Saturday, I pulled out the December expired one and she never checked the date on the back. Bonus! Free wax! I’ve got to schedule a pedi asap to try to burn through some of the March ones.

Then I went to Linens and Things to purchase my George Foreman G5 grill (with waffle making plates! mmm waffles!) and sundry other kitchen items I couldn’t live without.  The total was $160, I had a 20% off coupon-BAM! $130! Then, I handed over $70 in gift cards I’d gotten from rewards points on credit cards. Annnd…$160 worth of stuff for 60 bucks!

Then it was off to Ann Taylor Loft where I had one of those spend $50, get $25 off coupons. Even though none of my local stores carry maternity, I figured I could just get a couple tops to put away for after when it would be nice to have new stuff and I probably wouldn’t have a lot of disposable income (as I will be blowing it all on disposable diapers!).  I ended up finding two tops that are long enough I can probably wear them a couple times still now, then will be nice for back to work after, and an XL tank top for working out all throughout.  Plus, I had a leftover birthday gift certificate so I didn’t even have to pay anything on the reduced by $25 total!

THEN! I went to Panera for lunch, where I redeemed my full bread club card for a free baguette.

I love free!


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