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Pitter Patter March 19, 2008

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Bet you thought this post was going to be about wee baby, huh?  Wrong! Instead it is about the pitter patter of raindrops that have been splattering my window relentlessly for the past two days.  Ugh. Isn’t it supposed to be April Showers?  March should be working on going out like a lamb right about now. 

Instead we’ve got this unceasing cascade of water coming down; it’s not just a sprinkle or a mist, it’s a steady downpour that hasn’t let up since sometime Sunday night.  Coupled with the dark mornings courtesy of the recent time change, it has been a real struggle to climb out of bed these past couple days.

On top of all the snow melt from the 12 inches we got last weekend, there is water everywhere.  My poor neighbor’s back yard is basically a lake.  Her dog was just standing there a giant puddle looking pathetic in the downpour yesterday.  I wanted to go say Hi, but if he had jumped up, I would have been covered head to foot in a tidal wave of muddy water.  I do not want to know what that muddy dog is doing to the inside of her house.  Luckily, our house sits up higher, and our dog is too prissy to get her feet wet.  When we force her to go out, she barely takes one step into the wet grass before peeing and running back to the door. I suspect she’d go on the patio if she thought she could get away with it.

I have errands to run at lunch and grocery shopping to do for my parents visit (they arrive tomorrow), but who wants to go sloshing around getting soaked to the knees running errands? Feh.

I did break down though and make a pedi appointment over lunch today. Hopefully I won’t get too wet coming back in my flip flops.  I just couldn’t put it off any longer; I am in desperate need.  I took off the polish from my last pedi and my toes look AWFUL.  The top half of the nails on my big toes are all white stripey/scratched up-like when you peel acrylics off and they take a layer of nail with it.  I think the last pedicurist roughed them up on purpose because she had a serious stick up her ass.  I don’t know what her problem was, it might have been that I dropped and broke a bottle of polish when picking out my color but she was surly from the minute I sat down. 

Anyway, think Spring!


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