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I Made Pants! March 24, 2008

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Okay, really, I hemmed pants, but I’m still pretty darn proud of myself. Santa brought me a sewing machine and I’ve yet to do so more than switch it on and look at all the pretty buttons and scary needle in the 3 months since. 

I never took sewing/home ec class in school.  In 6th grade, I was sitting in the nurses office when a girl came in after driving a sewing machine needle through the top of her fingernail.  To this day, thinking about it grosses me right the hell out.  So when the time came to choose 8th grade electives, I went for manufacturing instead, where I played with jig saws and drill presses, a far safer alternative. 

Being of the near-midget persuasion, I spend A LOT of money having pants hemmed.  Sometimes, even petites are on the long side.  Now that I am in maternity wear, my options are even more limited-almost no one makes petite maternity pants.  JCP sells some, but apparently, they’ve decided that when you become pregnant, you cease being a size 10, 12, or maybe slightly bigger and are instead only small, medium, or large.  S,M,L is okay for tops, but does not cut it for pants.  So I’m having to buy mostly regular length maternity pants in the correct size and shorten them.  I hate spending money on this stuff as I know I’m only going to be wearing it a short time.  I try to get stuff on sale/clearance, but when you add on alterations, it starts to get pricey. 

This weekend, while my mom was here, she showed me how to measure, cut and pin pants to be hemmed.  Then we figured out how to use my new sewing machine to put in the hem.  We did two pairs of pants for work and I must say I’m pretty proud of the results.  We just did a plain straight stitch, nothing fancy, but woo am I excited.  It was really fun and pretty easy. 

I have a couple other small projects-a drawstring waistband that is coming undone and a pair of yoga pants I’ve had for years but have resisting spending the money to have hemmed-and then I need to find some other stuff to practice on.  I don’t want to go so long in between using it that I forget what I’ve learned.  I also want to learn how to use more than the straight stitch on my machine.  I’m going to try to find a beginners sewing class asap so I can get some more practice in before WB comes. 


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