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Elephant Feet March 25, 2008

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I had very noble intentions before getting pregnant of not complaining about the state of being pregnant.  And mostly, I have been very very lucky.  General queasiness and reflux instead of unceasing turbo barfing.  Sinus headaches instead of blinding migraines.  A mild distaste for certain foods instead of a hair trigger smell gag reflex.  But it is some random shit that happens when you’re pregnant, and I can’t just pretend like it’s not happening.  So, um, think of this more as reporting from the front lines, NOT complaining.

Can you believe that tomorrow marks 24 weeks? SIX whole months I’ve been cooking this kid!  I still feel like people who don’t know I’m pregnant can’t really tell that I am and are wondering if I am just fat.  I mean, it looks like pregnant belly to me, but I feel like strangers in yoga class are looking at me all, is she or isn’t she?  (Because everybody is looking at me like I am Britney Spears or something…) 

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my feet would hurt after taking the dog for a long walk or running a bunch of errands and walking around a lot. I figured that my gym shoes had worn out and purchased a new pair with inserts for plantar support (I’m prone to plantar fasciitis).  And they didn’t help much at all.  I’m forced to conclude that it wasn’t the shoes; carrying around the extra weight that I’ve put on is getting to be too much for my feet to support.

Yesterday, I found that my casual work shoes were too tight.  I felt confined and uncomfortable all day.  I am most definitely getting elephant feet.  And I’ve still got three and half months more to go, where I should be putting on the bulk of my weight and swelling even more.  I haven’t gotten on the scale at home in a while (the doc’s office has weighed me heavy from the beginning), so I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve gained.  I’d have to guess I’m probably creeping up on the 20 lb mark.  Thank god it will be flip flop season soon!

Oh and that pledge to eat better and go to the gym more? Not really happening with much consistency.  Monday yoga is about all I’m hitting with any regularity.  Yesterday, I discovered that I can no longer reach back and grab my ankle to do a simple quad stretch.  Today I’m swimming.  Tomorrow, I’m going to try a prenatal yoga class back at the old gym.  I guess all I can do is just like in non-pregnant times, try my best every day to get back on track instead of throwing up my hands and saying “what’s the point?” 


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