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Ear Wax April 4, 2008

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Okay, this is going to be slightly gross, but I have to know…do other people not clean out their ears with Q-Tips on a regular basis, or what?

I know one co-worker (who shares far too much info), does not ever venture near her own ear with a cotton swab and instead periodically goes to an ENT who like, suctions out the wax or something.  I just figured she was weird.

But then yesterday, I was at the OB and complaining of the onset of the contagious office crud which was manifesting itself mostly in ear pain.  I was starting to worry I was working on an ear infection.  So she took a look in my ears and just marveled at how wonderful and awesome they looked, not at all inflamed or infected, and in fact shockingly clean and free of wax.  Okay, 1. if there is nothing going on in there, why does it hurt? and 2. what dirty-ass ears has she been looking in that someone who keeps up with the Q-tips is such a medical miracle?

I mean, it’s not like I scour them out with a dish brush or anything; I just run a Q-tip around in there every day after my shower.  Isn’t that just basic hygiene?


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