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Pummeled April 7, 2008

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I had my first pre-natal massage on Saturday.  I was wondering how it was going to work since I can’t lie on my back or really on my stomach (unless they had a massage table with belly cut out; some of the specialized spas do…).  Basically I was just propped up on pillows on one side and then on the other and she worked on me that way.  I went to the spa at my old fitness center, which is affiliated with the local hospital network.  So they did have a masseuse who was certified in prenatal massage, but it wasn’t their specialty.

It felt wonderful during the massage and immediately after, but I felt like total crap later on.  I’ve noticed this the last few times I’ve had a massage.  I feel so chill and relaxed after that I go home and take a nap.  Then when I wake up from my nap, I inevitably feel terrible.  Just kind of sore and groggy and nauseous and gross.

Maybe you’re supposed to keep moving to keep the “toxins” from building up? I know they encourage you to drink water immediately after, which I do.  Maybe they should also tell you not to take a nap.

I wouldn’t say that the massage had lasting effect one way or the other.  I’m not feeling any more limber and in fact I had some serious discomfort in my hips on Sunday. Either it was a coincidence that things are just stretching out in my pelvis, or it was leftover from being poked and stretched.

I had tentatively planned to treat myself to one massage a month going forward here, but now I’m on the fence as to whether it’s worth it.  Maybe I will try again one more time but avoid the napping after and see how I feel.  I might also try one of the specialty places like Becoming Mom to see if it’s any differerent.


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