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Well, Fine Then… April 8, 2008

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So I think yesterday’s yoga instructor is trying to run me out of class. The entire hour I spent there was pretty much a waste. From the beginning, all three of the instructors I approached at Lifetime seemed less than receptive to having a prego in their regular yoga class. The reaction I got was kind of “well, what are you doing here then?” without a lot of concrete instruction on what I needed to be doing to modify the class for my condition.

I’ve managed to keep up right along by modifying poses as needed and coming out of them earlier than the rest of the class. I’ve been managing to do about 2/3 of each class this way. Last night however, I just sat around, A LOT. The instructor spent the entire class doing things I could not do or even modify to do. After the warm up we spent a good 20 minute series flat on our backs doing various poses in tabletop position. (Pregnant women are not supposed to lay flat on their backs past the 16th week.) Then, we flipped over on our stomachs for another 20 minutes, doing a series that was basically balancing and putting all your weight on your belly while you raised and lowered arms and legs.

I realize of course, that she shouldn’t have to modify class to fit just one pregnant person, but come. on. We didn’t stand up once the whole time; not a single downward dog, warrior, or sun salutation. And I know she knows I was there, because she asked me how I was doing before class and admonished me to be careful. And then led the class in an hour of poses I couldn’t possibly do even with modification.

It’s not like she already had a lesson plan or anything either; she always asks at the beginning of the class if we want to start sitting or standing and just kind of makes up the class from there it seems. Since everyone is always sitting, everyone just kind of mumbles and no one moves so we end up on the floor the majority of the time. Next week, I plan to loudly answer “standing” so that we can get in some poses that I can actually do.

I was really looking forward to getting a good stretch last night, too. WB is starting to encroach up into my ribcage and everything is starting to feel sore as it stretches out and makes more room. It feels like my ribs are being slowly peeled apart.

Tomorrow, I will be going to my first prenatal yoga class at my old gym. Oh, did I already say I was going to do that two weeks ago? Well, I totally mean it for real this time. I got my pass and everything when I got my massage last weekend so all I have to do is show up at class time. I’m a bit perturbed with all that as well; since I was a member there, they’ve dropped the step for 2 class and gone from 2 prenatal yoga classes a week to one, AND they moved the time up to 6:30 which sucks in terms of getting home late. Why oh why isn’t the world arranged in a more accommodating manner just for me?


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