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Yoga Blocked-AGAIN April 10, 2008

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What the hell man? What’s a girl got to do to get a decent stretch around here?

Predictably, as the day drew to a close yesterday, I was second guessing the decision to lollygag around after work for a couple hours before heading to 6:30 yoga and thereby not getting home until close to 8:00.  Especially as Miguel had announced his intention that morning to start painting the nursery (a complex scheme involving 2 colors and a chair rail) and the control freak in me kind of wanted to be there to supervise.  However, I remained firm in my commitment and headed out at 4:30 to kill some time.

I went to Motherhood Maternity to try on special occasion dresses for a formal dinner we have in June.  That was fun.  I am a HOSS.  It’s not just my belly, my arms are all flappy and gross now, too.  I wonder if I start lifting light weight now, they’ll tone up by June?  Anyway, I bought two that were marked down and will see which fits better come June. I have a shrug and a shawl to camouflage any arm issues.  

After a quick bite at Whole Foods, I headed off to class and nervously set up my mat amongst the group of 6 or so women who clearly had been doing this for a while and all knew each other.  I LOVE going new places where I don’t know anyone.  And then we sat there and sat there and sat there until 20 minutes past the time the class was going to start.  While everyone commented how odd it was that the instructor was late, no one seemed inclined to get up and do anything about it, so I finally went down to the front desk to report the MIA instructor.

Long story short, no call, no show, no one knew anything, so they came in and told us to take a hike around 7, offering us a free guest pass for our trouble.  It figures! I was already less than in love with the idea of the 6:30 class, but it’s the only prenatal one I can find.  Like I said, it’s getting harder to do a regular class, plus I’d like to connect with some other pregos due around the same time as me.  (Once I eventually warm up and start talking to people that is…the group there last night seemed mostly of the about to pop variety, so I’m hoping there will be a new crop of women due about the same time as me coming in soon.)

So anyway, debating whether to try the 5:30 prego water class there today or just go for a solo swim at my more convenient gym.  I guess I will try again next week on the yoga…


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